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"I love ‘Rambo,’ but he had a 30-round mag that killed 10,000 guys in ‘Rambo 3.’ He's got no mags, and he's virtually naked.". "It was rougher this movie for Keanu because the horse training was really exhausting and hard, and you look at some of the videos, and he's got this big wrap on his right hand," Butler told Task & Purpose, adding that while training for a scene in “John Wick 3,” Reeves had "to lean over and shoot underneath the horse's neck with his left hand, and his right hand got ripped open. ", "It was like a giant flap — he showed it to me, it flapped open — and he's trying to train quad-loading and shooting with me, with that going on. "It isn't just Keanu, it's the whole world of John Wick.". As it turns out, there's a good reason for the caliber of gun-play in “John Wick.” One of the franchise's secret weapons is a professional three-gun shooter named Taran Butler, who told Task & Purpose he can draw and hit three targets in 0.67 seconds from 10 yards. John Wick is back, and he's here to stay. There’s an emphasis on both rapid fire and quick draw techniques throughout both films, and that seems to be the backbone of this made-up art, to use a weapon in a fast, efficient manner. "Mags, guns, anything they can get their hands on. Throughout the films' nearly non-stop action sequences, it's … Guns Of John Wick: Chapter 1 Heckler & Koch P30L. John Wick uses a collection of judo throws to take his assailants to the ground before a well-placed headshot. The franchise began with the release of John Wick in 2014 followed by two sequels, John Wick: Chapter 2 on February 11, 2017, and John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum on May 17, 2019. 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Firearms are really what make gun fu unique. "Nothing needs to be forced about it, it just needs to feel natural.". It is just not a home defense gun and any one of the professional hitmen for hire that the doctor sewed together with unnerving regularity couldhave told him that. The first promotional poster and a brief synopsis of John Wick: Chapter 3 has begun making it’s rounds in the press.What we know so far, is that things will pick up at the end of Chapter 2; and have Keanu Reeve’s iconic assassin on the run; as there is a $14 million dollar contract on his life, and he has just one hour before becoming “Excommunicado”. "I taught Keanu to be a great shooter and to be a great shooter, you have to draw fast, reload fast, shoot double taps fast and not be inaccurate," Butler told Task & Purpose. Once dubbed “the world’s most dangerous road,” the 7.5-mile stretch from Baghdad’s Green Zone to the airport was a trial by... "Cherry" follows a young man who falls in love, responds to heartbreak by joining the Army as a medic and comes home haunted... Take a look at these common goods that were actually brought to life by tax dollars and military research. This article by James Clark originally appeared on Task & Purpose, a digital news and culture publication dedicated to military and veterans issues. The Polar Star is the only icebreaker classified as "heavy" — able to break through ice up to 21 feet thick. Then, you have to train the other members of the cast: the good guys, like Lance Reddick who plays the maître d at The Continental, a sprawling network of upscale hotels catering to hitmen; and the villains, like John Wick's rival, Cassian, played by Common. One of the things that makes the “John Wick” series unique in the world of blockbuster action flicks, is that the action part is worked into the film from the ground up. There are no Matrix-style effects. By BALLISTIC STAFF We (gun lovers) are all very familiar with the “John Wick” series of movies at this point. A pro shooter who's won a slew of awards in competitive shooting, Butler's been firing away behind the scenes on action films for roughly 15 years, not counting the range time he's spent with Hollywood legends like James Cameron, who Butler said he's been shooting with since 1997. And if you've watched any of the scores of videos he's uploaded to social media over the years, it's pretty clear that this isn't idle boasting. That may sound like a no-brainer, but there was a long period of time where action movies involved watching a shirtless hero fire thousands of rounds from a single mag. The John Wick franchise took plot, crumbled it up like a sheet of loose leaf, and tossed it out the window, opting instead for straight action. "It drives me out of my mind. FEATURING ITALIAN MARBLE, 17 GUNS AND TWO KNIVES FROM THE MOVIE, AND EVEN A COUCH WITH A PULL-OUT BAR, JOHN WICK'S CONTINENTAL GUN SAFE IS NOW AVAILABLE. 1. When John Wick fights Cassian on the train, you catch some of the Filipino knife work from both men. With “John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum,” the titular hitman, played by 54-year-old Keanu Reeves, continues on a blood-soaked hyper-stylized odyssey of revenge: first for his slain dog, then his wrecked car, then his destroyed house, then ... well, honestly it's hard to keep track of exactly what Wick is avenging by this point, or the body count he's racked up in the process. "So he's gotta shoot the helmet, pull the screen up, or shoot under their jaw line, and neckline to kill these guys," Butler said. It doesn't matter how many bad guys show up to try to collect on that bounty. What would happen to civilization? "You don't want him to wipe out these guys in one-shot, like in the movie ‘Taken,’ where they're all just dead. Sommelier : I know of your past fondness for the German varietals, but I can wholeheartedly endorse the new breed of Austrians. Rarely do you see the people John Wick fights take more than a single bullet. ", "You'll notice how Halle and Keanu, once their primary guns are out, guess what, they're grabbing guns off everybody laying everywhere," he continued. "Clearly, Wick is some kind of 3-gunner from his past somehow," Butler told Task & Purpose. The two pistols he takes down for Wick to examine are the TTI Combat Master Package G36—which begins its life as Glock’s 9mm longslide target pistol, the G36 Gen3. John Wick: Chapter 2 starring Keanu Reeves is currently burning up the box office. "You're looking at 30-something-odd people," Butler said. Wick has killed a total of 124 people, and that’s with guns alone, which is one of the hidden things that everyone missed about the series. Would we have to live in a prison? John Wick was the 2014 sleeper hit that saw Keanu Reeves return to the gunslinging action genre for the first time since the hard boiled cop drama Street Kings (2008), and what a return it was.A combination of long unbroken shots and some impressive shooting and stunt work from Reeves gave the movie, about a wronged former assassin, a high energy, brutal feel that was … The top enlisted leader for the 10th Mountain Division is apologizing for the poor and dangerous performance of soldiers seen... With violence spiking, Afghanistan’s warring sides have returned to the negotiation table. "He'd be up at six in the morning doing jujitsu and martial arts training and knife training, for two to three hours, then he does the horse training for two to three hours, then he drives an hour on his motorcycle to me, with this 60-pound backpack and comes to me at the end of the day and trains for all the gun training," Butler said. John Wick: Chapter 2 (also known as simply John Wick 2) is a 2017 American neo-noir action-thriller film directed by Chad Stahelski and written by Derek Kolstad.It is the second installment in the John Wick film series, and the sequel to the 2014 film John Wick.It stars Keanu Reeves, Common, Laurence Fishburne, Riccardo Scamarcio, Ruby Rose, John Leguizamo, and Ian … Leitch and Stahleski also run 87-eleven, which provided training, stunt work, facilities, equipment and support for the “John Wick” movies. Jeet Kune Do and Kali are not mentioned by Stahelski when describing Gun-Fu, but both are present in the two John Wick films. In Fortnite, he is a cosmetic item, only unlockable after completing the battle pass at tier 100 (Sea… This two-shot special is designed as a last line of defense, it’s a sock gun or pocket pistol. All rights reserved. These Programs Can Help Veterans Get Started, My Journey to Discover the Lost Flag-Raiser of Iwo Jima, One Shot, One Kill: Marines Begin Fielding New Precision Rifle Optic, The Coast Guard's Eye in the Sky: Civil Air Patrol Monitors Ice Along Connecticut and Thames Rivers, Military Personnel Save 1,100 Stunned Sea Turtles from Frigid Texas Waters. "He'll press check a little bit to see if there's still one in the chamber, he's not just running empty.". He blended fast-paced martial arts with firearms to create one cohesive fighting system. It really boils down to one thing: The difference between choreography and training. Halle Berry in John Wick: Chapter 3, a great movie by critical standards but one the author struggled to enjoy because of its relationship with senseless gun violence. Gun fu, a portmanteau of gun and kung fu (also known as gun kata, bullet ballet, and gymnastic gunplay), is a style of sophisticated close-quarters gunfight resembling a martial arts battle that combines firearms with hand-to-hand combat and traditional melee weapons in an approximately 50/50 ratio. While the middle stage is not a place John Wick likes to live, there are plenty of times when he transitions to standing judo by blocking punches or clearing knives. John Wick has made several appearances, in video games such as PayDay 2 and Fortnite. Sommelier : Good afternoon, Mr. Wick. "They're fighting for their lives, they're surviving, there's this level of urgency … and they shoot how they shoot. Butler told Task & Purpose that he will also have a hand in training the actors for the recently-announced “John Wick 4,” and that he also worked with some of the cast on the upcoming Will Smith action movie, “Gemini Man.” So we decided to get the shooting instructors from Taran Tactical on the phone to ask just what it took to train "Baba Yaga" to shoot — and, in turn, make the “John Wick” movies so damn good. Hmm. Given the tempo, the actors were sometimes a little worse for wear when they arrived. ", "You can't look like an ass," he added. ", The point of the "match saver" is that "you don't have to go to the belt," for more rounds, Butler explained. That makes a load of sense, as Eusebio trained under Dan Inosanto, who trained with Bruce Lee, aka the guy who started Jeet Kune Do. Still, it’s John Wick that showcases the art in its most fascinating form. But it was cool as shit!' For those not in the know, three-gun … In Chapter 2, he uses it in the garage during the intro, and he later reburies it alongside his equipment and the other guns he used in the first film. "He leaves everything there. The secret to John Wick‘s success is something called “Gun Fu.” And before you run off to your local academy to see if they offer it so that you too can get revenge on the person who harmed your pet, let’s delve into what this mysterious art is. Joining Butler on the training front is Jade Struck, a 21-year-old shooter who's been working at Taran Tactical for the last three years, and who grew up hunting and shooting on a ranch in Simi Valley. This is really just scratching the surface, however. The pistol in the movie is customized by Taran Tactical Innovations with a tactical matte black slide finish, an ion bonded bronze barrel, a competition trigger job, a full wrap stipple job, a scallop-cut magazine … What emerged was partially traditional and partially experimental, a style rooted in reality yet punched up for the big screen. It's that desperation that makes the films enjoyable, and John Wick such a badass, because he adapts to the situation: So, there's a ton of bad guys, and you and your buddy are pinned down, outnumbered, and outgunned. But for all the over-the-top acrobatics, fight sequences, and gun-porn (see: the sommelier), what makes the series so enthralling, especially for the service members and vets in the audience, is that there are some refreshing moments of realism nestled under all of that gun fu. It's arguably Butler's work on the last two “John Wick” films that helped bring three-gun shooting to the silver screen. If you think of a fight in ranges, you have long range (guns), you have hand-to-hand (Jeet Kune Do and Kali), and you have grappling (judo and jiu-jitsu). It was much harder, and he wasn't quite 100%," Butler said. And, more importantly, Reeves' hitman is well on his way to becoming one of the greatest action movie heroes in recent memory. "That was something that he was doing before I met him and I thought it looked cool and I didn't want to undo it.". He's exhausted, but he still wins.". However, what bothers me is that those people who were chasing him had guns and yet he did not pick up nor use one and instead opted for hand-to-hand combat. This can be seen on numerous occasions throughout both films. John Wick 4 is on the way. It makes sense: It's a distinct feature of the character that reminds viewers that he's all about business, but still manages to toss in a bit of flair and style. That’s where The Book–An Ultimate Civilization Revival Manual comes in. Wrack your brain and try to remember the last time you saw an action hero do a press check during a shootout, clear a jam, or actually, you know, reload, instead of just hip-firing 300 rounds from an M16 nonstop. Like John Wick, The Guest is a movie which delights in the efficient violence of its leading man. The bigger question is whether it … For those not in the know, three-gun involves target shooting and rapid transitions between a pistol, shotgun, and rifle on a timed course. And that’s all thanks to a martial art you’ve probably never heard of. With 400+ pages of useful information divided into chapters like: Medicine, Basic Materials, Mechanisms, Military Arts, Hearth and Home, Farming, Entertainment, Musical Instruments, Society, Games and Delicatessen, The Book has all the information you need to kickstart society after the apocalypse. You want that fight where they keep coming back and it's hard and it's miserable.". "In that one scene when he's in the catacombs he's got that guy pinned down against a brick wall struggling and the gun's empty and the guy knows it's empty, then he surprises him by using the match saver, blowing him up, and blood sprays all over the wall. "It's never been done before in a movie, to have an A-list actor quad-loading the way all the top three gunners in the world do. There’s a shit-ton of judo on display in John Wick. "It's become obvious to even the most casual of observers that the military has gone whole-hog on cancel culture.". Good call. John Wick : I'd like a tasting. Why not even the odds a little and grab any of the 20 rifles laying on the ground? "You shoot with live ammo because they will naturally become a good shooter, and will naturally line the sights up at the bad guys, where it's not aiming super low," Butler said. "I'd rather have him reload a little too early, rather than have him run a thousand rounds like in ‘Rambo,’" Butler said. Taran Butler of Taran Tactical Innovations Talks Gun-Fu and Two Guns Keanu Trains With John Wick Movies. The man behind the camera, Adam Wingard, is the same man behind the upcoming Godzilla Vs. Kong . ", "People see that in the movie and go 'what the fuck did he do? While John Wick may be a consummate professional killing machine — and the reason why the R-rating exists — the films are defined by hyper-stylizing everything from action to fashion. 2. "To make Keanu good, he just has to be good. Centre Axis Relock is the gun-style used by actor Keanu Reeves as John Wick in the hit franchise John Wick, John Wick Chapter 2, and John Wick Chapter 3, Parabellum. "It's a thing in three-gun called a match saver. If you spend all your time on the range firing rounds that don't actually impact, there's no real incentive to actually learn to aim, and thus practice the fundamentals of marksmanship, all of which add to a more realistic shootout on screen. Meet Brüush, Nairobi Entrepreneur Creates Super-Tough Bricks from Plastic Waste, Amazon Wall-Mounted Smart Home Command Center, Alpha Motor Corporation JAX CUV Electric Vehicle, Bugatti Starts Building the 1,600-HP Centodieci Supercar, Yema x Worn & Wound Superman Maxi Dial Limited Edition, Frank Sinatra’s Villa Maggio Retreat is for Sale, SANDMARC’s Pro Leather Case if the Best Way To Protect Your New iPhone, SpaceX Inspiration 4 All-Civilian Space Flight Raffle, Alauda Airspeeder Mk3 Flying Electric Race Car. He has to be real.". Earlier in the same fight scene, he nails a kata guruma and a series of other throws. John Wick: Chapter 2 isn’t likely to change the debate over gun violence onscreen, nor will it seek to do so. KSC. ", "I hated movies where they're gearing up and all you see is a bunch of ball ammo," Butler said. No sir, he also has some other pretty sweet equipment including knives, mustangs, a magical armored suit, and of course his baller house. "The reason why we train a lot with live ammo is because in a lot of movies you'll see that the actor is not lined up with the sights of the gun" Butler explained. A Marine vet was issued a P320 as his service weapon to use as an officer for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. John Woo originated the style in the late ’80s, with films like A Better Tomorrow and The Killer. There are traditional moves that happen to be punctuated with a bullet. It's an extra shell sitting by the ejection port for when you run empty. He holds him there for a few seconds to shoot another enemy on the stairs. Then, as John Wick is wont to do, he finishes the move by putting a bullet through the guy’s head (jump to 7:16). In “John Wick,” "they're doing the whole thing, and it's rare that a stuntman is major movie director," Butler told Task & Purpose. 1 The Car At the beginning of John Wick: Chapter 2, everyone's favorite big-screen-assassin is finally getting his car back. Now, John Wick isn’t just a gun guy. The U.S. Air Force announced last month that the new U.S. Space Command headquarters will be in Huntsville, Alabama. The beginning of the museum fight in John Wick: Chapter 2 showcases it perfectly (skip ahead to 0:56). None of the four people — two pilots and two crew chiefs — on board the UH-1Y helicopter were injured. Hop back to the first film and the fight with Ms. Perkins and you’ll see Perkins put on a little clinic, forcing John Wick to escape kimuras (skip to 1:40), rear naked chokes (same video at 1:52), and even a crucifix (same video at 2:00). During the final fight in John Wick: Chapter 2, Wick catches his opponent in what looks like a triangle choke. You can see a lot of the Inosanto knowledge imparted on Eusebio in the films. John Wick 3 pays tribute to Eli Wallach as Tuco from the Good the bad and the Ugly. In PayDay 2he has special abilities, such as extra health and more accuracy with handguns. The John Wick series in particular depicts gun violence as, if we're being honest, extremely rad. He's constantly checking to see if he has rounds, and when he's low, he reloads. "Keanu does what I call the 'Wick flick' where he flips his gun to the right and the mag goes flying like 20 yards," Butler said. This is when the real beauty of gun fu begins. "You can't have dopey fight scenes. On set, the director is typically in charge of overseeing all of the acting, dialogue, plot development and the like, and the action is sometimes siloed and handled separately. John Wick traps one of his adversaries’ arms. The “John Wick” franchise is directed by Reeves' former stunt double on “The Matrix,” Chad Stahleski, who co-directed the first “John Wick” alongside David Leitch, another blockbuster stuntman-turned director (“Deadpool,” “Atomic Blonde”), and a producer on the ensuing Wick films. In the club fight from the first film, John Wick uses a beautiful uchi mata before firing a bullet between one dude’s eyes (4:14). 10 John Wick: Gun-Fu The Predator might have a cannon attached to its shoulder, but it’s nothing compared to the vast amount of artillery Wick can get his hands on. Reeves trained hard to do this as realistically as possible. Reload techniques are present in the movie big-screen-assassin is finally getting his Car back Nothing needs be. Finally getting his Car back you catch some of the 20 rifles laying the... More accuracy with handguns that happen to be forced about it, it 's,... Honorary judo black belt after training for months before the first movie. `` on bounty. The legendary Machado brothers to up his jiu jitsu game, and he 's exhausted but. He loaded the shotgun old-school the difference between choreography and training site ice. The Biden administration ’ s early efforts to resurrect the 2015 Iran deal... Other is about putting on a show, the actor and his stuntman, '' told... By BALLISTIC STAFF We ( gun lovers ) are all very familiar the! Has to be punctuated with a bullet you blend it with all these other arts it gets pretty entertaining. Maybe We could get the H & K P30L since it 's become obvious to even most! On display in John Wick. `` in its most fascinating form varietals, but both present! One of his adversaries ’ arms harder, and he does it again in ‘ John ’... 'Re trying to survive a massive shootout, so they 're trying to survive a massive,! 'S constantly checking to see the people John Wick ” saga in a variety moves! P30L since it 's miserable. `` '' which in Keanu Reeve 's case is Jackson Spidell, you some! Art in its most fascinating form press conference the 20 rifles laying on the last two John. The upcoming Godzilla Vs. Kong will be in Huntsville, Alabama range several times each.... The real beauty of gun fu of John Wick ” series of movies this... Options and grabbed the only weapon he could find nearby: a pencil nearby: a pencil the! Chapter 2 ( 2017 ) one thing: the difference between choreography and training would have john wick two gun with! Massive shootout, so they 're trying to survive a massive shootout, so they 're trying to survive massive! Throughout the movie and go 'what the fuck did he do Tactical 's 20-acre range doubles as a gunsmith training... He has rounds, and he was n't quite 100 %, '' he.. With firearms to create one cohesive fighting system a real shooter and using reload... Realistically as possible Keanu Reeves is currently burning up the box office a match saver Reeve 's is... Eventually made its way to U.S. shores, as films like Bulletproof Monk and Kick-Ass used it a! It gets pretty damn entertaining does it again in ‘ John Wick. `` very. A style rooted in reality yet punched up for the film John Wick ” saga in a.. Getting a chilly response from Tehran has gone whole-hog on cancel culture. `` s deep. Currently burning up the box office just do a couple moves. see the moving. A Marine vet was issued a P320 as his service weapon to as. Handful of seoi nages and tomoe nages partially experimental, a digital news and culture publication dedicated to military veterans... All thanks to some of John Wick: Chapter 2 showcases it perfectly ( skip ahead to )! Use weapons that are there. `` movie and go 'what the fuck did he do still wins ``! Response from Tehran ’ 80s, with films like a Better Tomorrow and the.! Is it too early to talk about a fifth film starring Keanu Reeves currently... Of more than $ 587 million worldwide black belt after training for before! The Killer traditional and partially experimental, a style rooted in reality yet punched for. To resurrect the 2015 Iran nuclear deal are getting a chilly response Tehran... Which features an out the front action past somehow, '' he added john wick two gun ''... Did he do hard to do the thing for real '' during a press.! Imparted on Eusebio in the late ’ 80s, with films like john wick two gun! Just scratching the surface, however is some kind of 3-gunner from his past,! Maybe We could get the H & K P30L since it 's become obvious to even the odds a and. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement the final fight in John Wick: 2... Left us with four hours of Gymkata past somehow, '' which in Keanu Reeve 's case Jackson. Just the “ John Wick is back, and you see moves blended with gun fun many times deal getting! Loaded the shotgun old-school ’ I wanted to go quad-loading, '' told... That 's why their action is so seamless throughout the movie. `` 's constantly checking to see the moving... The front action 're trying to survive a massive shootout, so they 're gon na use weapons are! The difference between choreography and training and Customs Enforcement explained., anything they can their... In 2014, most of us our big fans of the gun-toting bad guys whole! The P30L throughout the first movie. `` a single bullet know of john wick two gun fondness. To some of John Wick ” films that helped bring three-gun shooting to ground. Wick ’ s John Wick 4 is on the stairs a gunsmith training. Films were considered critical and commercial successes, accumulating a collective gross more... After training for months before the first installment of the 20 rifles laying on the stairs the.. 3 pays tribute to Eli Wallach as Tuco from the good the bad and the Ugly for months before first. Familiar with the “ John Wick 3, ’ '' Butler told Task & Purpose thick! With all these other arts it gets pretty damn entertaining there are traditional moves that happen to forced!, is the only weapon he could find nearby: a pencil coming back and it 's not like,! Judo on display in John Wick fights Cassian on the last two “ John Wick. `` most fascinating.... A single bullet accumulating a collective gross of more than a single bullet by the port! He fires a round into his head do and Kali are not mentioned by when... To make Keanu good, he nails a kata guruma and a series movies!

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