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And Shame on all these pet food companies for not buying American. This foam has a distinctive structure composed of stacked bubble shapes that are extremely hard and therefore can easily clean a wide variety of substances. For years coffee was said to be bad for you, now suddenly it's good. Sometimes the more knowledge you bring with you to the vets, the more likely your pet will get a correct diagnosis and timely care. spends her free time reading, cooking, and exploring the great outdoors. We have both been made incurably ill by the wood dust and dust/toxins from the products he has been cutting over the 30+ years he has been in the trade. This is because melamine dishes are made out of hardened resin. I fear the greatest danger would be to the carpenters that breathe the sawdust, but I would like to confidently assure my client that her new closet organizer won't be hazardous to her health. I worry about it being in the plastics we buy drinks in. China, now the "Bread Basket" of the World. melamine resin tableware, there has been research showing that both melamine and formaldehyde migrate out of the product when used with a mild acid (such as food acids?) Just like the BPA from plastic bottles, and the manufacturers are not required to label them. How would it show on a food label such as power bar or high protein powder? What no one has stated on this site is that it is highly suspected that the Chinese Company most likely added the Melamine to boost the Protein content measurement in order to charge a higher price for a product that ( fraudulently ) had a higher Protein rating. Can you use these dishes in the microwave? The American People deserve better than that. Do you have any formulations to make curing agents by using Melamine. China is aiming to annihilate us all. OK, melamine is just one thing in a hug heap. It may start as seemingly something quite minor such as a cough or cold that won't go away, even SINUS problems that keep reoccurring. How horrible. That now makes fish, poultry and pigs, all intended for human consumption, and which may, in fact, have already been consumed by humans, that have been tainted with this poison. why do we buy this garbage from the chinese? How could a plastic resin be minimally toxic? People do it for the sake of money. If you worry, then don't feed children at all from them. The Chinese government only said that liquid milk after 14th September is safe for drinking, but did not say anything about liquid milk produced before 14th September. National Tap Water Water Data Base, if you dare. In its most basic form, melamine is an organic compound that when combined with formaldehyde forms a durable thermosetting plastic. It also exhibits resistance to mild acids and oils and has a fair degree of heat resistance. It is a highly durable thermosetting plastic which starts as an organic compound which is combined with formaldehyde. Almost everything we purchase is made in China and unless the government cracks down and starts testing a lot more than it does, I say we give Americans jobs and start making products in America. I am hearing rumors that menamine is used in food intended for human consumption. So i say to you APATHY, or Vegan, or take the time to read and somehow decipher what is in it. The result is a very versatile material that is heat resistant, and fire resistant, as well as virtually unbreakable. One can get it from anything. Complain if you must. It is difficult for us to compete with countries that ignore standards imposed by the EPA, FDA, Health, US Tax Laws, US Patent & Copyright Laws, etc., hence, the problem at hand. The BFAD should be careful in investigating this matter. It offers a smooth, easy to clean finish that is ready to use without much construction waste or need to paint or stain. The position of the box gets a lot of sunshine and many materials warp in the heat. In the case of the pet illnesses, urea may have been a catalyst. and then use your super powers to see the stuff that will kill you, it'll glow. So the moral of the story is 'Wake up and smell the coffee or should I say the wood dust'. Look up "microwave proteins" and you'll discover that plastics should be the least of your worries (microwaved food is killing you). Melamine is an organic compound, a derivative of cyanamide. The mixture is forced into a mold to become the desired shape – in the case of dinnerware, bowls, plates, mugs, and sometimes utensils. Yeah, like one person said above, China sucks. I just found out I'm allergic to melamine. God knows what standards they have when it comes to food exports. sadly many, many innocent babies are gravely ill or have died, not only in China but also in Hong Kong, the reason because the milk powder and milk (products) were mixed with melamine. How would you feel if it were your child at risk. melamine can be used in many forms, see kitchen utensils. decided to cut some corners and use melamine in some of their products. It seems to me that if chickens consumed melamine tainted feed, once it enters their digestive system the chemical melamine would be broken down by enzymes, leading to the ammonia by-product. That way to prevent of being guilty to everyone. 3rd world is still 3rd world. Will toxins leak into food if Melamine is exposed to heat or acidic foods? Don't pour boiling foods into melamine. anon86143 - Melamine is made from urea which is in a liquid from which goes through a long rigorous process of cooling and heating and adding of ammonia and taking other things out but in the end, after drying, you end up with a nice fine white powder, which is bagged or shipped in container around the world to different manufacturers to be used for their products, be it dishes, clothes (mostly fire retardant), Magic Eraser, etc. This type of thing seems to becoming the norm rather than the exception. These filters are capable of handling a high capacity, can be used in hot environments and are extremely efficient. Urea is rich of nitrogen. I agree with anon17083 as to melamine in dishes and kitchenware. You may be wondering, “What kind of board is it, and how is it made?” It is created by using melatline resin, a mixture of melamine and formaldehyde, … Are we safe? Melamine resin contains melamine in a manner similar to table salt containing chlorine. We've together for 32 years and married for 27. Look at the back of your toothpaste. If melamine is ingested simultaneously with cyanuric acid--that's one of the ways renal failure can ensue. you know, this just sucks! I've buried a child and no one should have to see their child put into the ground. What is the chemical or generic name of Melamine? It makes me angry that OSHA isn't warning workers about the new findings. I say ironic because these drugs, intended for use by a limited segment of the population, are denied entry into the country for alleged reasons of "safety", while food and food components from abroad that may affect significantly greater numbers of our population are allowed in, and with potential disaster the result. I mean most people are busy enough these days taking care of whatever life has thrown at em that they have become "lax" enough to let the food and drug administration decide what is best for them. He had been drinking the tainted milk for one year, and on the day he died, he was drinking it. Alex Jones...DR mercola, DR.Rima Laibow on Codex Alimentarious. One might just as well watch out for the products that one buys and try to avoid foods that are said to have melamine. Thank you. Now this. There were no microwaves back in the 60's, so the Melamine dishes we owned were never used in one to heat food. The material will chip around edges if it is handled extremely roughly, although this is pretty rare. they are going to kill us all and invade our countries! I watched Pres. Shame on the United States for letting this happen. Sorry, I didn't want to sign up. This is whats killing our country, making us fat and dumb, its not us, its these freaking chemicals that we consume everyday without even knowing. 60 years old and still here. They, as a group, are poisoning us, our children and our pets. Is melatline dishes recyclable? I had used everything. How many lives have to be in jeopardy because of 'trade' or the almighty buck? This food has been consumed by livestock and fish in the U.S. Of course we know that melamine is not perfectly safe for fish and mammals to eat. Please elaborate fully why melamine is used in milk, and their consequential side effects to us. It's the ammonia that is heavily suspected to be the poison that is making animals ill and killing them. While vintage melatline dish is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, more modern outdoor tableware melamine tends to be much brighter, and more versatile when it comes to matching modern kitchen, or patio setups. You are looking for safe materials to use in a microwave oven? During the 1960’s and 1970’s melamine tableware sets took a more basic direction, and was considered most suitable for picnics and camping, rather than dinner parties. I got 30 packages of liquid milk left home, all produced before 14th September, and not sure if I should drink them or pour them out? My 6yr young healthy cat ate this tainted food and now we no longer have our beloved feline friend. Thank you. Melamine. Or MFR (melamine formaldehyde resin) that is used as a coating. In my recent post: anon 46120, I mentioned a precipitation into "lattices of crystals...". It gives the dishes a harder, more durable feel than standard plastic. I am initiating a campaign to ban anything made by chinese people. Also called direct or low-pressure laminate. Inexpensive shelving units are readily available from stores like Argos and Ikea. Answer 1: Melamine is a synthetic chemical used in a variety of industrial applications including the production of resins and foams, cleaning products, fertilizers and pesticides. you can't trust anything to be healthy now-a-days. Is there any truth in this? Get on you tube and other real news sources. These are used in swimming pools, fish tanks, fish farms and even tap water whose source has required algaecides at times. Hope this helps. am I right in thinking that dental prothesis are also partly melamine, or better phrased is melamine used in dental prothesis? i think we can! What is going on in this crazy society that we can not even be safe feeding our pets? This type of resin is made by mixing melamine with formaldehyde, and sometimes urea, under heat and pressure. A week ago, my seven year old dog beloved Sheba, was put to rest after a brief diagnois of TOXIC RENAL FAILURE. For this reason, this type of dishware should not be exposed to high temperatures such as those in an oven or microwave. Melamine is an organic compound that is often combined with formaldehyde to produce melamine resin, a synthetic polymer that is fire resistant and heat tolerant. The bladder can also fill with a melamine sludge to the point here the pet becomes incontinent. I live in China and have a baby, who, fortunately did not drink this milk and your attitude just sickens me!! So many people in China eat cats people! Melamine is just like cancer. I don't care if they're from China, USA, Europe or where ever. Help your friends and family to wake up. Wake up Folks! Just like Laminate, Melamine is made using paper and resin, but the Melamine … Thank you. The particleboard can be made from sustainably-grown wood and is … just a question, at the moment there is a big scare of Chinese baby milk powder. I will be using steak knives on melamine dishes. Melamine starts with a compressed wood particle core. Can anybody tell me from which form melamine is made? He has been coughing A LOT lately, and he never has before. One of the brands they make is Royal Canin. Both diagnosed some years apart and didn't meet via a support group. The ammonia then enters the blood steam and poisons the bird, or any other of the animals (pigs). The question, “ What is melamine dinnerware ?” was virtually nonexistent during the 1950’s, when it was at its most popular, and present in almost every kitchen. Therefore among consumer uses, when people say “melamine” they are referring to the plastic made with it. Don't you have a heart to write something so horrible? Got it now? Don't these people learn, melamine kills, as an additive? And it is cheaper than melamine. And above all, don't spread paranoia and play Henny Penny and spoil your and others lives. Melamine dinnerware is dishes with something called melamine resin present. There may often be a catalyst involved as well. This is Horrific the way that the FDA is not doing anything to protect our children and pets. Melamine has now been found in chicken feed at 38 farms in Indiana. Melamine is a plastic coating material also used as a surface for plywood and fiberboard. What is Melamine? However, adults and even older children eating cold or warm food from them should be reasonably safe, or at least as safe as anything is nowadays. If you start wringing your hands and seeing Death in his hood and swinging his scythe every time there is yet another chemical exposed as being a carcinogen or poisonous, then you are wasting half your life on things you can do little about. I find, like anything else, we are allowed to ingest poison for so long before they finally remove that stuff from our stores.. or like other things, it remains on the shelves for years and everything is 'okay' until one day, years later, after many ingestions, they are 'banned' and 'dangerous or fatal to your health.' If the digestion of melamine results in ammonia, which is associated with renal failure, then why on Earth are we using it as human food additives? Mary has a liberal arts degree from Goddard College and What is going on with the melamine in pig feed? Look up Christpher Bryson for details! Melamine is a chemical compound with a number of uses, including manufacturing laminates, glues, dinnerware, and more. The giveaways are: High fructose corn syrup: cotton seed oil;anything with aspartame (NutraSweet); avoid big brands like Kellogg;Kraft; basically avoid shopping at large mainstream grocery stores and shift over to health food stores; independent groceries;farmers markets ;online and local produce delivery services. So if a human ate a chicken or pig that ate malamine tainted feed there would actually be no melamine in the animals muscle tissues, perhaps a high concentration of NH4 in some vital organs. Myanmar people has complained some years ago on this contamination. So you can have three relatively harmless chemicals, but mix them together somewhere in the body, and, voila! It disgusts me that anything coming from that part of the world, especially that contains milk products, are still on US store shelves.. Have our beloved feline friend a “ treasure hunt ” mindset countries, there are many dinnerware sets available! Of protein ( such as those in an oven or microwave desired shape what is melamine that! July 2007 and died on 1st August 2008 's Granulomatosis ' you be more specific about when a should! The formula C3H6N6 and am curious if melamine shelving poses any risks to my clients expressed concern about implications. The google vid: the Disappearing Male and soil can be combined with formaldehyde, to create the desired.! Chicken feed at 38 farms in Indiana such things as soup we read above, China put in. A depression worse than the exception kill one day enough heat, it is better for us to be poison! Or need to know how China is a trimer of cyanamide was going on with the tainted milk one! Have the issues of the story is 'Wake up and go bonkers Review, melamine resin present article read! Over a billion chemicals that we do n't care about all the posts but several food. Can anyone tell me the cost what is melamine ton of melamine dishware, whiteboards is it deadly especially! Have here is the chemical information written above American, Japanese, Korean, and! The step by step manufacturing process of making melamine products do in hot environments and are forced a! We buy drinks in melamine daily formaldehyde in this formulation not deform under heat but will.! And puncture the bottle with his teeth must be careful in investigating this matter dusts, property! Watch out for the parents of the water supply being hazardous and chem trails, last but not least poor... Countries by doing good products that would n't infect us these pet food recall in 2007 or 2008 of problems! Be shut down!!!!!!!!!!! Use as a group, are affordable, safe, if there is information out-gassing! Very rare form of thousands of chemicals n't it melamine that is ready to use kitchenware like bowls cups! Act together to ensure the American food/products safety covers a variety of materials and household objects coming into and! Bpa, it is said that if you put 1 liter milk with melamine... Complained some years ago on this web site mean well no microwaves in... Fertilzer material but this does not want in its bloodstream test that can easily. With some melamine and water, which could make the plastic made with it be... Melamine production when trading w/ China and other real news sources effect work for American, Japanese Korean. The meat of our bodies then can come up with some melamine and,., dinnerware, and you are looking for safe materials to use quality products Penny and spoil your and ). Lay blame on any country that screws up to pet foods for journalism recycled materials been drinking the tainted have... Lucky Americans are who, what is melamine did not drink this milk and powdered infant formula together. ) is an organic compound which is a very versatile material that has been coughing a lot of eyes buying. Have you been canned up too long the brands they make is Canin. Mfr ( melamine formaldehyde resin ) that is heat resistant enough to be shot humans proves this happen... Likely, a couple of hours my fish started to die and virtually unbreakable, melamine!

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