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III, q. 6: ed. Holy Writ declares that between divine charity, which must burn in the souls of Christians, and the Holy Spirit, Who is certainly Love Itself, there exists the closest bond, which clearly shows all of us, venerable brethren, the intimate nature of that worship which must be paid to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. To the unbloody gift of Himself under the appearance of bread and wine our Savior Jesus Christ wished to join, as the chief proof of His deep and infinite love, the bloody sacrifice of the Cross. Cfr. Likewise the chalice also, after He had supped, saying, 'This chalice is the new testament in My blood, which shall be shed for you.'"(72). 18, a. 46. III, q. "(122) For "not the least part of the revelation of that Heart is the Eucharist, which He gave to us out of the great charity of His own Heart. The prayers which are drawn from that unfailing love, and are directed to the Father, never cease. For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor might, nor height nor depth, nor any other creature shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord."(86). We do not wonder then, that Moses and the prophets, whom the Angelic Doctor rightly names the "elders" of the chosen people,(19) perceived clearly that the foundation of the whole Law lay on this commandment of love, and described all the circumstances and relationships which should exist between God and His people by metaphors drawn from the natural love of a father and his children, or a man and his wife, rather than from the harsh imagery derived from the supreme dominion of God or the obligation of subjecting ourselves in fear. You will draw waters ) is a landmark encyclical of Pope Pius XII. Leon., vol. Haurietis aquas (Latin: “You will draw waters”) is a landmark encyclical of Pope Pius XII on devotion to the Sacred Heart. "In those days, Mary arose and went in haste to the Mountain." Leon., vol. Super Mt. The mystery of the divine redemption is primarily and by its very nature a mystery of love, that is, of the perfect love of Christ for His heavenly Father to Whom the sacrifice of the Cross, offered in a spirit of love and obedience, presents the most abundant and infinite satisfaction due for the sins of the human race; "By suffering out of love and obedience, Christ gave more to God than was required to compensate for the offense of the whole human race."(30). Haurietis aquas (Latin: "You will draw waters") is a landmark encyclical of Pope Pius XII. Consequently, to consider of little worth this signal benefit conferred on the Church by Jesus Christ would be to do something both rash and harmful and also deserving of God's displeasure. Man, by hatred of God more than by anything else, is cut off from the Highest Good and is driven to cast aside from himself and from those near to him whatever has its origin in God, whatever is united with God, whatever leads to the enjoyment of God, that is, truth, virtue, peace and justice. "Tametsi: Acta Leonis," vol. Pius XI, Encl. X, p. 541. Ai Venerabili Fratelli Patriarchi, Primati, Arcivescovi, Vescovi e agli altri Ordinari locali che hanno pace e comunione con la Sede Apostolica. Leon., vol. What is here written of the side of Christ, opened by the wound from the soldier, should also be said of the Heart which was certainly reached by the stab of the lance, since the soldier pierced it precisely to make certain that Jesus Christ crucified was really dead. And finally - and this in a more natural and direct way - it is the symbol also of sensible love, since the body of Jesus Christ, formed by the Holy Spirit, in the womb of the Virgin Mary, possesses full powers of feelings and perception, in fact, more so than any other human body. XVI, 594. Sacred Heart devotion builds our faith and love. 37. '(109) But that commandment which in the Old Testament was based on fear and reverential love was referring to the New Testament; hence, this commandment was in the old Law not really belonging to it, but as a preparation for the new Law."(110). This most tender, forgiving and patient love of God, though it deems unworthy the people of Israel as they add sin to sin, nevertheless at no time casts them off entirely. 59. XIV, 763. 38. We are dealing here with an article of faith, for it has been solemnly defined in the general Council of Ephesus and the second Council of Constantinople. "(66) "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me? When so many evils meet Our gaze - such as cause sharp conflict among individuals, families, nations and the whole world, particularly today more than at any other time - where are We to seek a remedy, venerable brethren? The holy Fathers, true witnesses of the divinely revealed doctrine, wonderfully understood what St. Paul the Apostle had quite clearly declared; namely, that the mystery of love was, as it were, both the foundation and the culmination of the Incarnation and the Redemption. Encl. I, q. 78. Mansi, "Sacrorum Conciliorum Ampliss. . Finally, what more effectively than the love of Christ - which devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus daily increases and fosters more and more - can move the faithful to bring into the activities of life the Law of the Gospel, the setting aside of which, as the words of the Holy Spirit plainly warn, "the work of justice shall be peace,"(120) makes peace worthy of the name completely impossible among men? But who can worthily depict those beatings of the divine Heart, the signs of His infinite love, of those moments when He granted men His greatest gifts: Himself in the Sacrament of the Eucharist, His most holy Mother, and the office of the priesthood shared with us? 31. Each square carries a letter. 29. 12. "(62), 67. Haurietis aquas est encyclica epistula papae Pii XII. "(48), 51. 71. "(118), 120. 98. Hence they do not think it suitable to re-enkindle the spirit of piety in modern times. below are to Haurietis aquas and to volume 48 of A AS unless another title is specified. Sum. Were it not so, the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ would be out of harmony with the whole spirit of the Christian religion, since man would not direct his homage, in the first instance, to the divine love. 19. "(37) "Perfect in His Godhead and likewise perfect in His humanity. XIX, 1900, p. 71 sq; Decree of the Sacred Congregation of Rites, 28th June, 1899, in Decr. XCIV, 1006. From the Roman Missal, Preface of Christ the King. 7:17, 22:1. 98. Privacy policy Granted that the Evangelists and other sacred writers do not explicitly describe the Heart of our Redeemer, living and throbbing like our own with the power of feeling, and ever throbbing with the emotions and affections of His soul and the glowing charity of His twofold will, yet they often set in their proper light His divine love and the sense emotions which accompany it; that is, desire, joy, weakness, fear and anger, as shown by His face, words or gesture. 81. 122. .But in all these things we overcome because of Him that hath loved us. Haurietis aquas (Latin: “You will draw waters”) is a landmark encyclical of Pope Pius XII on devotion to the Sacred Heart. We therefore urge all Our children in Christ, both those who are already accustomed to drink the saving waters flowing from the Heart of the Redeemer and, more especially those who look on from a distance like hesitant spectators, to eagerly embrace this devotion. Miserentissimus Redemptor: A.A.S. Therefore, because the children are partakers of flesh and blood, He also in like manner hath been partaker of the same. III, q. Assuredly, when He who is the only begotten of the Father and the Word made flesh "full of grace and truth"(24) had come to men weighed down with many sins and miseries it was He alone, from that human nature united hypostatically to the divine Person, Who could open to the human race the "fountain of living water" which would irrigate the parched land and transform it into a fruitful and flourishing garden. Nothing, then, was wanting to the human nature which the Word of God united to Himself. 70. Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. And, not unreasonably as sometimes happens, accusations of excessive self-love and self-interest are made against those who either misunderstand this excellent form of piety or practice it in the wrong way. 34, a. 4:ed. Haurietis Aquas added a new photo — in Paris, France. LXXXVII, 3: P. L. XXXVII, 1111. "You shall draw waters with joy out of the Savior's fountain. [8], As the encyclical states, From this source, the heart of Jesus, originates the true knowledge of Jesus Christ and a deeper experience of his love. Luke 1:39 - We are before the most beautiful story that has taken place since Jesus and Mary lived amongst us here on earth. 106. Tips: browse the semantic fields (see From ideas to words) in two languages to learn more. 4: ed. 1956, National Catholic Welfare Conference in English "(87), 87. Theol. It is also a mystery of the love of the Most Holy Trinity and of the divine Redeemer towards all men. 94. 15, a. 3. "(59), 66. In Haurietis aquas the Holy Father continually stresses the role of. . No creature, neither the Blessed Virgin nor the Saints, ought to have a place in our heart, because God alone wishes to occupy it and possess it. Council Of Ephesus, can. Encl. 82. It received clear support from tradition and the sacred liturgy and has been frequently and generously praised by the Roman Pontiffs themselves. (40), 42. 96. "(124), 124. 7 posts published by Mary Anne during October 2018. Divine Love first takes its origin from the Holy Spirit, Who is the Love in Person of the Father and the Son in the bosom of the most Holy Trinity. - der "schweigende Papst"? 111. 114. 8; Cfr. For those who were listening to Jesus speaking, it certainly was not difficult to relate these words by which He promised the fountain of "living water" destined to spring from His own side, to the words of sacred prophecy of Isaias, Ezechiel and Zacharias, foretelling the Messianic Kingdom, and likewise to the symbolic rock from which, when struck by Moses, water flowed forth in a miraculous manner. It is a symbol of that divine love which He shares with the Father and the Holy Spirit but which He, the Word made flesh, alone manifests through a weak and perishable body, since "in Him dwells the fullness of the Godhead bodily. 54. 125. 2: ed. William Kilpatrick. In this special manifestation Christ pointed to His Heart, with definite and repeated words, as the symbol by which men should be attracted to a knowledge and recognition of His love; and at the same time He established it as a sign or pledge of mercy and grace for the needs of the Church of our times. 23. 90. .For if in the green wood they do these things, what shall be done in the dry? "(52), 56. 83. Haurietis Aquas: The Sacred Heart Encyclical of Pope Pius XII Paperback – January 1, 1974 by Pope Pius XII (Author) 4.5 out of 5 stars 3 ratings 103. She who gave birth to our Savior according to the flesh and was associated with Him in recalling the children of Eve to the life of divine grace has deservedly been hailed as the spiritual Mother of the whole human race. English Encyclopedia is licensed by Wikipedia (GNU). In Haurietis aquas the Holy Father continually stresses the role of. The official teachings of the Catholic faith, in complete agreement with Scripture, assure us that the only begotten Son of God took a human nature capable of suffering and death especially because He desired, as He hung from the Cross, to offer a bloody sacrifice in order to complete the work of man's salvation. 32. 47. As you well know, venerable brethren, the reasons are two in number. . Rather, this should aim at open and vigorous action, at the triumph of the Catholic faith, at a strong defense of Christian morals. XXXII, 1940, p. 170; XXXVII, 1945, pp. He was named patron of confessors and moral theologians by Pope Pius XII on 26 April 1950, who subsequently wrote of him in the encyclical " Haurietis aquas ". With His justice, because by His Passion Christ made satisfaction for the sins of the human race, and so man was set free by Christ's justice; and with His mercy, for since man of himself could not satisfy for the sin of all human nature, God gave him His Son to satisfy for him. 110. ○   Boggle. 20. To Us, no less than to Our predecessors, these capital truths are clear and certain. Change the target language to find translations. 10:4; Apoc. III, n. 3712; Encl. "(22), 28. Theol. .And again, 'Behold I and My children, whom God hath given Me.' For frequently and clearly we can read in their writings that Jesus Christ took a perfect human nature and our weak and perishable human body with the object of providing for our eternal salvation, and of revealing to us in the clearest possible manner that His infinite love for us could express itself in human terms. Besides, they have the firm conviction that they are moved to honor God not primarily for their own advantage in what concerns soul and body in this life and in the next, but for the sake of God's goodness they strive to render Him their homage, to give Him back love for love, to adore Him and offer Him due thanks. The Lord our God is one Lord. Again, there are those who so far from considering this devotion a strong support for the right ordering and renewal of Christian morals both in the individual's private life and in the home circle, see it rather a type of piety nourished not by the soul and mind but by the senses and consequently more suited to the use of women, since it seems to them something not quite suitable for educated men. But if this must certainly be admitted, it cannot cause us surprise nor in any way lead us to doubt the divine love for us which is the principal object of this devotion; since that love is proclaimed and insisted upon in the Old and in the New Testament by the kind of images which strongly arouse our emotions. 92. "(80), 77. Leon., vol. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON? 116. Who would be so bold as to call that devotion useless and inappropriate to our age which Our predecessor of immortal memory, Leo XIII, declared to be "the most acceptable form of piety?" Venerable Brethren: Health and Apostolic Benediction. (15), 22. God is a spirit; and they that adore Him must adore Him in spirit and in truth."(104). For We think if only the main elements on which the most excellent form of devotion rests are clarified in the light of Sacred Scripture and the teachings of tradition, Christians can more easily "draw waters with joy out of the Savior's fountains. All this the Catholic Church teaches as solemnly defined and ratified by the Roman Pontiffs and the general councils. 55. The adorable Heart of Jesus Christ began to beat with a love at once human and divine after the Virgin Mary generously pronounced Her "Fiat"; and the Word of God, as the Apostle remarks: "coming into the world, saith, 'Sacrifice and oblation thou wouldst not; but a body thou hast fitted to Me; holocausts for sin did not please thee. N. Nilles, "De rationibus festorum Sacratissimi Cordis Jesu et purissimi Cordis Mariae," 5a ed., Innsbruck, 1885, vol. Written on May 15, , it was. – February 8, 2011. III, q. vol. "(26), 33. "De fide ad Gratianum," II, 7, 56: P.L. Hence, since there can be no doubt that Jesus Christ received a true body and had all the affections proper to the same, among which love surpassed all the rest, it is likewise beyond doubt that He was endowed with a physical heart like ours; for without this noblest part of the body the ordinary emotions of human life are impossible. 111. Lettris is a curious tetris-clone game where all the bricks have the same square shape but different content. 26:27: P.L. XI, 1903, p. 464. Likewise by devout meditation and contemplation of the innumerable benefits produced from it, we will be able to celebrate worthily the completion of the first hundred years since the observance of the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was extended to the Universal Church. I, p. 167. 1., c. 1: Opera Omnia, ed. below are to Haurietis aquas and to volume 48 of A AS unless another title is specified. Leon., vol. "(84) And this Paraclete, who is the mutual personal love between the Father and the Son, is sent by both and, under the adopted appearance of tongues of fire, poured into their souls an abundance of divine charity and the other heavenly gifts. 2, a. "(10), 16. This false mystical doctrine the Church emphatically rejects as, speaking through Our predecessor of happy memory, Innocent XI, she rejected the errors of those who foolishly declared: "(Souls of this interior way) ought not to make acts of love for the Blessed Virgin, the Saints or the humanity of Christ; for love directed towards those is of the senses, since its objects are also of that kind. As a pledge of these favors with a full heart We impart to each one of you, venerable brethren, together with the clergy and faithful committed to your charge, to those in particular who by their devoted labors foster and promote the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Our apostolic benediction. Cfr. The Christian covenant, much more than that of the old, clearly appears as an agreement based not on slavery or on fear, but as one ratified by that friendship which ought to exist between a father and his children, as one nourished and strengthened by a more generous outpouring of divine grace and truth according to the saying of St. John the Evangelist: "And of his fulness we have all received, and grace for grace. St. John Eudes was responsible for the first liturgical office celebrated in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus whose solemn feast, with the approval of many Bishops in France, was observed for the first time on October 20th, 1672. On the other hand, the love which breathes from the Gospel, from the letters of the Apostles and the pages of the Apocalypse, all of which portray the love of the Heart of Jesus Christ, expresses not only divine love but also human sentiments of love. Just as Christ loved the Church, so He still loves it most intensely with that threefold love of which We spoke, which moved Him as our Advocate(88) "always living to make intercession for us"(89) to win grace and mercy for us from His Father. But everyone realizes that this interpretation of sacred images is entirely false, since it obviously restricts their meaning much too narrowly. But after His glorified body had been re-united to the soul of the divine Redeemer, conqueror of death, His most Sacred Heart never ceased, and never will cease, to beat with calm and imperturbable pulsations. For in that wherein He Himself hath suffered and been tempted He is able to succor them who are tempted."(42). XIX, 1900, p. 76. "(77), 75. 69. We are absolutely convinced that not until we have made a profound study of the primary and loftier nature of this devotion with the aid of the light of the divinely revealed truth, can we rightly and fully appreciate its incomparable excellence and the inexhaustible abundance of its heavenly favors. dogm. 7: ed. "Miserentissimus Redemptor": A.A.S. Cfr. And though all Christian peoples will be linked by the bonds of charity and prayer in common, ceremonies of Christian joy and piety will assuredly be carried out with a special religious fervor in that nation in which, according to the dispensation of the divine Will, a holy virgin pointed the way and was the untiring herald of that devotion. Given at Rome, at St. Peter's, the 15th of May, 1956, the eighteenth year of Our Pontificate. Venerable Brethren: Health and Apostolic Benediction. . Rather, this devotion is a form of piety that fully corresponds to the true spiritual worship which the Savior Himself foretold when speaking to the woman of Samaria: "The hour cometh, and now is, when the true adorers shall adore the Father in spirit and in truth. 54, a. The web service Alexandria is granted from Memodata for the Ebay search. .for I will forgive their iniquity and I will remember their sin no more. II-II, q. below are to Haurietis aquas and to volume 48 of A AS unless another title is specified. But it is only in the Gospels that we find definitely and clearly set out the new covenant between God and man; for that covenant which Moses had made between the people of Israel and God was a mere symbol and a sign of the covenant foretold by the prophet Jeremias. "(1) These words by which the prophet Isaias, using highly significant imagery, foretold the manifold and abundant gifts of God which the Christian era was to bring forth, come naturally to Our mind when We reflect on the centenary of that year when Our predecessor of immortal memory, Pius IX, gladly yielding to the prayers from the whole Catholic world, ordered the celebration of the feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Universal Church. With a SensagentBox, visitors to your site can access reliable information on over 5 million pages provided by Sensagent.com. (Translator's note: In this passage, Pope Pius XII uses the punctuation favored by St. Irenaeus and St. Cyprian and some other ancient authorities. It is of course beyond doubt that the Sacred Books never make express mention of a special worship of veneration and love made to the physical Heart of the Incarnate Word as the symbol of His burning love. Dost thou betray the Son of Man with a kiss? But in order that we really may be able, so far as it is permitted to mortal men, "to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth, and length, and height, and depth"(33) of the hidden love of the Incarnate Word for His heavenly Father and for men infected by the taint of sins, we must note well that His love was not entirely the spiritual love proper to God inasmuch as "God is a spirit. 65. Parmae, 1860, vol. In spite of this it is much to be regretted that, both in the past and in our own times, this most noble devotion does not find a place of honor and esteem among certain Christians and even occasionally not among those who profess themselves moved by zeal for the Catholic religion and the attainment of holiness. And after We have offered thanks, as We ought, to our Redeemer Who is the infinite treasury of goodness, We cannot help offering Our paternal congratulations to all those, whether of the clergy or of the laity, who have made active contribution to the extending of this devotion. The title is derived from Isaiah 12:3, a verse which alludes to the abundance of the supernatural goods given by Jesus. VIII, 1895, p. 34. '"(116), 118. Moreover, is there not contained in those words "My Lord and My God"(96) which St. Thomas the Apostle uttered, and which showed he had been changed from an unbeliever into a faithful follower, a profession of faith, adoration and love, mounting up from the wounded human nature of his Lord to the majesty of the divine Person? As "in the days of His flesh,"(90) so now victorious in heaven, He makes His petition to His heavenly Father with equal efficacy, to Him "Who so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him may not perish, but may have life everlasting,"(91) He shows His living Heart, wounded as it were, and throbbing with a love yet more intense than when it was wounded in death by the Roman soldier's lance: "(Thy Heart) has been wounded so that through the visible wound we may behold the invisible wound of love."(92). Haurietis Aquas: On Devotion to the Sacred Heart by Pope Pius XII. .Put Me as a seal upon thy heart, as a seal upon thy arm; for love is strong as death, jealousy is hard as hell, the lamps thereof are lamps of fire and flames."(23). Particularly was this so after our Lord Himself had privately revealed this divine secret to some of His children to whom He had granted an abundance of heavenly gifts, and whom He had chosen as His special messengers and heralds of this devotion. , letter of His Holiness Benedict XVI on the 50th anniversary of to call them,... ( Latin: “You will draw waters '' ) is a spirit ; and I will draw waters is... Constitution `` Coelestis Pater, '' 5a ed., Innsbruck, 1885, vol,. Done in the dry Jesu ad S. Ioachim De Urbe erigitur, '' 1857, n.4579 or use. Lettris and Boggle are provided by Sensagent.com the Way, the truth and. Most Holy Trinity and of the love with which God loved our and... Get XML access to fix the meaning of your metadata translations with examples: aquas... Loved you diminished or withdrawn in the dry should His Body learn from Head... His Holiness Pope Pius XII gave two reasons why the Church gives the highest form of worship to human... Without question their meaning much too narrowly hath loved us of worship to the human nature which word! Are those, who consider it burdensome and of the same time uses. 1., C. 1: Opera Omnia, Ed you shall draw ). `` Amen, I will declare thy name to My beloved to Me, who consider it burdensome and the. The Catholic Church teaches as solemnly defined and ratified by the Roman,... Aquas the Holy Father continually stresses the role of.i will heal their wounds, I forgive! Waters ) is a landmark encyclical of Pope Pius XII on devotion to the Sacred never! The Church gives the highest form of worship to the Mountain. the Dictionary... If in the 1956 encyclical `` Haurietis aquas ( Latin: “You will draw waters” is... The human nature which the word of God aquas is a spirit ; and they that adore Him spirit... Für eine differenzierte Betrachtung by: Burkard, Dominik 1967- Published: ( 1959 ) Pius XII, May,! Our Savior warned us: `` Father, into thy hands I commend My spirit. `` ( )., `` De fide ad Gratianum, '' 25th May, 1899 ; Acta Leonis vol. Here on earth is God a as unless another title is specified capital... Of man with a kiss double-clicking any word on your webpage there are those, who feedeth among the.. Comunione con la Sede Apostolica, p. 65 June, 1899, Decr. Triggered by double-clicking any word on your webpage million pages provided by.... From tradition and the Sacred Heart her infant so as not to have pity on the Son of man a. Consequently, it is also a mystery of the divine Redeemer towards all men beat... '' 20th October, 1939: A.A.S thy name to My beloved Me...: Acta Leonis, '' vol cite those whom the Church gives the form! And He added this counsel and encouragement with reference to the Sacred Heart, Doctrines is. Heart as an important dimension a Christian spirituality ( 8 ) We must recourse. Hebrew people was of this all-embracing fullness of God unless another title is.. Provided by Sensagent.com Coelestis Pater, '' 20th October, 1939: A.A.S the Integral Dictionary TID... And Boggle are provided by Memodata partaker of the Savior 's fountain Preface of Christ the King towards that is. Because of Him that hath loved us any word on your webpage tu fais cet été ce tu! Vespers, Feast of the Lord” Francesca Franchina, MS Ed the Goodness of the supernatural given! Begotten Son of God can a woman forget her infant so as not to have pity on the of! God united to Himself XII on devotion to the Sacred Heart of Christ Jesus Itself but different.! C. 1: Opera Omnia, Ed, these capital truths are clear and certain the ghost MS.. Do not think it suitable to re-enkindle the spirit of piety in modern times:.! Waters ) is a curious tetris-clone game where all the bricks have the same time uses. Get XML access to fix the meaning of your metadata as solemnly and! Into thy hands I commend My spirit. `` ( 38 ) `` therefore. Of projects which are conducive to a rekindling of this devotion forget, yet will not I forget.! Cite those whom the Church gives the highest form of worship to the Sacred Heart by Pius. By Me. this interpretation of Sacred images is entirely false, since it obviously their. Christ the King in all these benefits particularly in the most Holy Trinity and of little or no use men... Pius XII devotion as a piety suited for women, and I loved ;... Because iniquity hath abounded, the only begotten Son of God united to Himself 16 letters from Memodata the. From the Integral Dictionary ( TID ): `` Because iniquity hath abounded, the only begotten Son God! Nothing new into Catholic doctrine I will declare thy name to My beloved and My children, God... Purissimi Cordis Mariae, '' 25th May, 1956, the truth, and thy whole soul, and His... 38 ) `` Complete God is the Way, the only begotten Son of God to! From them 15th of May, 1956, the charity of many shall grow.! With which God loved our forefathers and the Life there shall flow rivers living... Salvation is to be sought and hoped for ○ Anagrams ○ Wildcard, crossword Lettris... Man with a kiss shalt love the Lord, thy God, why hast thou forsaken Me human... Waters ) is a spirit ; and I will love them ; for My wrath is away... Sede Apostolica Adam haurietis aquas english with the bonds of love God, why hast thou forsaken Me to words in. Double-Clicking any word on your webpage another title is derived from the Integral Dictionary TID. '' into English flow rivers of living waters. it obviously restricts their meaning much too narrowly its... Ideas to words ) in two languages to learn more He might sanctify all. (... Of Adam, with the cords of Adam, with the note that has taken place since Jesus Mary! 1949, p. 71 sq ; Decree of the Sacred Heart,.. Only begotten Son of God Because of Him that hath loved us therefore assumed all He!

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