boiler keeps cycling on and off

Including boiler lockout in the HVAC system’s sequence of operation is important in achieving energy efficiency. Boiler efficiency is the useful heat provided by the boiler divided by the energy input (useful heat plus losses) over the cycle duration. The main operating control monitors hot water temperature or steam pressure and sends a signal to control the firing rate, the rate at which fuel and air enters the burner. This causes the burner to run longer because it needs to squeeze the air even tighter. More detailed inspections and checks should be performed to document system performance, which can be very important since a gradual change in system operating conditions over time may not be readily apparent without the use of such documentation. NaSBAP offers a training program specifically designed for working professionals wishing to apply sustainable concepts to the buildings they design, develop, and construct-buildings that are energy- and resource-efficient, healthy working and living environments, environmentally responsible, and cost effective. The Federal Energy Management Project (FEMP) O&M Best Practices Guide to Achieving Operation Efficiency is a good resource describing a preventive maintenance plan and also explaining the importance of such a plan. Figure 7 below shows the relationship between firing rate and efficiency for a boiler with the ability to modulate both airflow and fuel input. The basic cause of boiler explosions is ignition of a combustible gas that has accumulated within the boiler. Capehart, B., Turner, W. and Kennedy, W., 2006. This is equivalent to more than the height of a 14 story apartment building, starting with a lift off velocity of 85 miles per hour!” (5). But too much will result in air being wastefully heated and exhausted out of the boiler flue, penalizing combustion efficiency, and creating a safety issue. Tighten any loose valves. Alternatively, in a Watertube boiler, water flows in the inside of the tubes and the hot gases from combustion flow around the outside of the tubes. The units can be arranged in a variety of configurations to utilize limited space or to accommodate new equipment. For high overall boiler efficiency, the heat released by combustion must be efficiently transferred into the working fluid. Two … It is best practice to install a meter on the make-up line to the system. In the case of a hot water system, energy use may also include pump operation. Check to see if your thermostat is turned on and set to the accurate settings. Condensing Boilers operate at a lower return water temperature than traditional boilers, which causes water vapor to condense out of the exhaust gasses. Then it sounds as if the boiler restarts. Boiler O&M best practices begin with maintaining regularly scheduled inspection logs and checklists to ensure proper equipment operation. Controls regulate the ignition, burner firing rate, fuel supply, air supply, exhaust draft, water temperature, steam pressure, and boiler pressure. Check packing glands for compression leakage. Instruments should be calibrated monthly. 4 posts. Well, the cut in pressure is the pressure at which your boiler will start its heating cycle. This can determine how the joints of the exhaust stack must be sealed. Easy enough, as the load drops either water temperature or steam pressure below the set point (plus offset), the burner will ignite and operate until the temperature or pressure setpoint is reached. Pressure, water temperature, and flue gas temperatures should be recorded daily, as they can serve as a baseline reference for system operation and troubleshooting problems. Electric boilers are used in facilities with requirements for a small amount of steam or where natural gas is not available. Excess Air. If a standby boiler is not critical to your operation, or if the need for a standby boiler is seasonal, you should consider shutting off any unnecessary boilers to prevent these energy losses. Boiler safety is a key objective of the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. Another cause could be a blockage or restriction in the … In a Firetube boiler, hot gases of combustion flow through a series of tubes surrounded by water. Boilers are pressure vessels designed to heat water or produce steam, which can then be used to provide space heating and/or service water heating to a building. 0. When your air filters are dirty, warm air cannot pass through the filter, and it backs up the heating system. Draining of the water, called boiler blowdown, is required to remove some of those dissolved solids and keep the TDS concentration below the level where they will precipitate. Figure 7: Efficiency as a Function of Fuel and Air Input for Modulating Boilers. Even with efficient boilers that operate with a relatively low flue gas temperature, there is ample room to recover some of the flue gas heat that would otherwise go up the stack. The steam leaves the boiler, the pressuretrol hits its high limit, the steam rapidly condenses and causes the burner to turn back on. This is nothing to worry about as it is the heat exchanger heating up intermittently so it is ready to produce your hot water on demand. Keep increasing the heat setting by 20 degree increments until the boiler stops cycling on and off. Going off and on every few minutes. The boiler’s fuel and burner system requires proper inspection and maintenance to ensure efficient operation, heat transfer and correct flame detection. © 2020 Bigham's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. If you have determined that the cause for your boiler short cycling is not because of a malfunctioning thermostat or because of dirty air filters then you will need to call a heating technician to diagnose and repair the problem. The most common cause of short cycling is also a very simple to fix. 6 replies 5.2K views tencentral Forumite. This lasts about 2 minutes. The meter should be read weekly to check for unexpected losses of water from the system. These other characteristics are discussed in the following section on Key Components of Boilers. Replace your air filters before every season. These types of boilers can be used to produce low or high pressure steam or water, and may be good alternatives for customers who are restricted by emissions regulations. If a steam or hot water system is not used for a portion of the year, shutting the system down can result in significant savings. At low firing rates, such as when a boiler is maintained in a standby condition, efficiency loss can be as much as 15% (7). Check electronic controls and replace any defective parts. With the common application of VAV systems in commercial buildings today, simultaneous heating and cooling, and excessive reheating of primary air can often go unnoticed. A layer 0.18 inches thick can reduce heat transfer by 69%. Figure 4: Forced Draft Boiler (image source: Federal Energy Management Program Fact Sheet, PNNL, January 2005., FEMP O&M Best Practices, a Guide to Achieving Operational Efficiency, U.S. Department of Energy, August 2010. Lack of water flow If the boiler keeps shutting off, it could be due to closed valves, air caught in the system or a broken pump. It tries to reignite immediately after but usually fails to so the blower keeps running but no heat. After a few seconds or minutes, the furnace then clicks on again, and the cycle repeats itself. Boiler and Heaters, Improving Energy Efficiency, Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation, August 2001. Un-insulated pipes, valves, or fittings carry a heavy energy penalty. Therefore it may be advantageous to operate multiple boilers simultaneously at part load conditions rather than one boiler at 100% output. Discovered when pulling Y1 (AC) wire furnace behaves normal. Working Pressure and TemperatureBoilers are classified as either low pressure or high pressure and are constructed to meet ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code requirements. Complete combustion results when a hydrocarbon fuel such as natural gas or oil burns and produces only carbon dioxide, water and heat. The iron castings are bolted together, similar to an old steam radiator. The following Maintenance Checklists have been assembled based on the recommended best practices found in this document as well. I have a Burnham hot water boiler furnace with 2 zones. This efficiency decreases when short cycling occurs or when multiple boilers are operated at low firing rates. Modular boilers can be staged to efficiently meet the demand of the heating load. 4. Cycling a boiler on and off is very inefficient because there is a pre-ignition purge and a post-ignition purge that draw heat out of the boiler with each cycle. The term we use to describe a furnace that keeps turning on and off is “ Short Cycling. No Heat in a Zone / Too Much Heat in a Zone A faulty thermostat can be the cause of your boiler short cycling; this means your heating system itself might not have any issues at all. This can be accomplished with the use of burner controls including parallel positioning controls, cross-limiting controls, and oxygen trim controls. Both the system design and operating conditions are critical to the successful operation and performance of a condensing boiler. An aquastat making a flaky connection would cause a problem like yours. 6 April at 2:02PM edited 6 April at 2:07PM in In my home (includes DIY) MoneySaving. You may be experiencing the fan cycling on and off and then settling after a while. Not to be confused with cycling shorts, which are comfortable and practical, short-cycling is bad for your boiler and bad for you as it will increase your heating bills. This can be either the fan is running slow, not being able to operate the air pressure switch, the air pressure switch may be faulty or … Monitoring the make-up water will ensure that you are maximizing the return of condensate, thereby reducing the need for make-up water. Low Heat Levels or a Noisy Boiler Step 1 Bleed air … In some cases, a cracked heat exchanger releases heat into other parts of your furnace, causing overheating and frequent on-off cycling. In non-condensing boilers, it must be high enough so that the water vapor in the exhaust gas does not condense and bathe the heat transfer surface in the corrosive condensate. August 08, 2016. Dual fuel boilers provide the operator with fuel redundancy in the event of a fuel supply interruption. Two primary types of boilers include Firetube and Watertube boilers. Stop fuel flow and observe flame failure. There could be a aquastat controller that is set on a fixed temperature. Fuel TypeIn commercial buildings, natural gas is the most common boiler fuel, because it is usually readily available, burns cleanly, and is typically less expensive than oil or electricity. In times when the rates for natural gas are greater than the alternate fuel, this can reduce fuel costs by using the cheaper alternate fuel and limiting natural gas use to occur only during “off peak” times. Instead, they’re built up from cast iron sections that have water and combustion gas passages. If using non-modulating boilers, it may be better to stage subsequent boilers on once the primary boiler has reached full capacity, rather than cycling multiple boilers on and off to meet the load. Having too many total dissolved solids (TDS’s) in the boiler water can cause scale and reduce boiler efficiency. Short cycling is simply the boiler firing up to re-heat the water in it's own heat exchanger when that water has cooled down. Condensing MethodTraditional hot water boilers operate without condensing out water vapor from the flue gas. Cast iron sectional boilers are advantageous because they can be assembled on site, allowing them to be transported through doors and smaller openings. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the solids below certain limits. Capturing the heat from the condensate can result in combustion efficiencies of greater than 90%. A brief description of each burner control type is provided below (3): It is possible that a leak will develop in the hot water distribution loop. Saving energy through better building operation starts with finding opportunities in five areas that have been shown to have the most frequent problems and the potential for the greatest benefits. The radiators sill won’t get hot but the short-cycling seems to be less now because the burner hardly ever shuts off. I have a Vaillant EcoTech Plus 624 boiler (conventional, not combi) … How one of our heating technicians will do this is by running a test cycle of your heating unit and counting how many times it stops and restarts in a span of an hour. This stresses the importance of proper maintenance and operator training. Efficient Boiler Operations Sourcebook, Fourth Edition, F. William Payne and Richard E. Thompson, 1996. How much excess air is enough to assure complete combustion? So the hapless person raises the pressuretrol setting even higher. Steam utilized for heating can be directly utilized by steam using equipment or can provide heat through a heat exchanger that supplies hot water to the equipment. Their work has found that the number one incident category resulting in injury was poor maintenance and operator error (5). Check for air leaks around access openings and flame scanner assembly. Good boiler water chemical treatment is essential to maintain efficient operation. It is a good idea to tune up a boiler annually to ensure the combustion process is optimized. A … Santa Rosa, CA 95404 If the boiler continues to shut on and off, contact a service technician to investigate the problem. Table source:  Federal Energy Management Program, O&M Best Practices Guide to Achieving Operational Efficiency, Table 3:  Sample Monthly Boiler Checklist. Common burner firing sequences include on/off, high/low/off and modulating. Some boilers are designed to burn more than one fuel (typically natural gas and fuel oil). Zman Member Posts: 6,205. Other possible reasons for short cycling require help from a professional technician. Lack of water flow If the boiler keeps shutting off, it could be due to closed valves, air caught in the system or a broken pump. There’s something amiss if your Weil McLain boiler is turning on, running a short cycle and shutting off. Mechanical draft boilers include: Forced Draft, where air is forced into the combustion chamber by a fan or blower to maintain a positive pressure; and Induced Draft, where air is drawn through the combustion chamber by a fan or blower to maintain a negative pressure. Pro Tip: Check your air filters every month and make sure they are not dirty. The temperature dial on the furnace is set to 180 F. The thermostats are working well and not turning off and on frequently - I'm guessing that the furnace shuts off when the water temp reaches a certain point, then switches back on when it drops. When building loads are reduced at night and on weekends, increased boiler cycling will likely occur if no-one is available to turn boilers off as necessary. Guidance for the construction, operation, and maintenance of boilers is provided primarily by the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), which produces the following resources: Boilers are often one of the largest energy users in a building. Pressure vessel integrity, checking of safety relief valves, water cutoff devices and proper float operation, gauges and water level indicators should all be inspected. Jumper that connection temporarily to eliminate the possibility. Start of a programme it takes much longer to warm the house with so many cycles. Signs of incomplete combustion are a smoky exhaust, a yellow flame, flame failures, and sooty boiler tubes. This is due to the output of the boiler … The standby boiler will not only cycle on and off, it will lose heat to the surroundings through radiation losses, which increase significantly as a percentage of boiler input at reduced firing rates. Boilers are also sometimes described by their key components, such as heat exchanger materials or tube design. Return water temperatures above 130oF prevent condensation of the flue gas and result in the boiler operating no more efficiently than a traditional boiler. He said it was a nice one, should run virtually 'idiot proof' for years- all I had to do was flip off the red switch on the side in … The temperature of the flue gasses in the boiler stack is a good indicator of this heat transfer and thus the efficiency. The Control of Boilers, 2nd Edition, Sam G. Dukelow, 1991. The Federal Energy Management Program O&M Best Practices Guide to Achieving Operational Efficiency (5) contains example Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Maintenance and Inspection Logs that can be adapted to your facility. If your boiler is turning itself off and on again every few minutes then we are looking at a potential issue called ‘short-cycling’. Figure 5: Combustion Efficiency vs. Your opinions, thoughts and advice are greatly appreciated! Want more troubleshooting tips? Any heat not transferred into the fluid will be lost through the boiler shell or the flue gas. This document is available here: Clean and recondition system pumps, filters, pilot, oil preheaters, oil storage tanks, etc. Dissolved solids in the boiler water and the level of treatment chemicals should be tested daily in small low pressure plants and hourly in larger high pressure plants. As mentioned previously, any residue, such as soot or scale, that coats the heat transfer surfaces of the boiler will reduce its efficiency and also increase the likelihood of equipment failure. As percent flue gas oxygen decreases, less heat is transferred to the excess oxygen, and the combustion efficiency increases. An upward trend in flue gas temperatures over weeks or months usually indicates that a deposit has built up on either the fireside or waterside of the boiler heat exchange surfaces. Check belts for proper tension. 90 minutes, the boiler sounds as if it shuts off. Even a thin layer of scale interferes with heat transfer and thereby decreases combustion efficiency. Steam boilers produce steam that flows through pipes from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure, unaided by an external energy source such as a pump. GV90+ boiler cycling on and off, then stops-- kind of emergency. A boiler is short cycling when the burner goes on and off in short periods of time. As steam leaks from the system, additional make-up water is required to replace the loss. Some carbon dioxide dissolves in the condensate and forms carbonic acid. Is behaviour known as 'short cycling'. The combustion chamber, usually made of cast iron or steel, houses the burners and combustion process. Boilers have several strengths that have made them a common feature of buildings. water) in the boiler is defined as the combustion efficiency of the boiler. They have a long life, can achieve efficiencies up to 95% or greater, provide an effective method of heating a building, and in the case of steam systems, require little or no pumping energy. 2010 ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC), Heat exchangers may be made from cast iron, steel tube bundles, or, in the case of some smaller boilers, copper or copper-clad steel. For every year a boiler system goes unattended, boiler costs can increase approximately 10% (1). The key boiler components involved in this process are the burner, combustion chamber, heat exchanger, and controls. Sizes range from 30,000 to 11,000,000 BTU input with overall efficiency generally in the range of 92% to 96% (2). If there is enough air in the system to cause your boiler to switch itself off, it should be obvious when you start bleeding your radiators, as plenty of air will gush out of them. When a boiler is tuned, the goal is to maximize combustion efficiency by providing just enough excess air to assure complete combustion but not too much to reduce efficiency. American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), National Sustainable Building Advisor Program (NaSBAP), On the Path: Rating the Energy Performance of Commercial Buildings, Simple Strategies to Maximize the Value of Commercial Energy Benchmarking, Complete overall visual inspection to be sure all equipment is operating and safety systems are in place, Follow manufacturer’s recommended procedures in lubricating all components, Compare temperatures with tests performed after annual cleaning, Is variation in steam pressure as expected under different loads? Check to see if your air filters are covered in dirt, proceed to clean or replace your air filters and check to see if this fixes your problem. These controls are considered safeties or limits that break the electrical circuit to prevent firing of the boiler. Such leaks will increase the system’s energy and water consumption, and may also result in water damage. That’s short-cycling. It’s desirable to maintain a constant amount of excess air across the entire firing range. If it is a hot water boiler the water pressure should remain pretty constant and boiler should cycle on temperature. Stop feedwater pump and allow control to stop fuel flow to burner. The cure, which is known as a … Large steam boilers with steady loads should have continuous blowdown, where a small amount of water is drained continuously from the boiler while fresh make-up water is introduced. Heating elements are easily replaced if they fail. It’s generally cost effective to insulate any surface with a temperature greater than 130oF (4). Consistent and frequent small volume blowdowns is a better practice than infrequent high volume blowdowns, because it conserves energy, water, and chemicals. Having a standby boiler will allow quick recovery if the lead boiler fails, but this must be weighed against this large energy penalty. When your furnace keeps turning on and off repeatedly, this is called “short-cycling.” It turns on for a few seconds to a minute, then turns itself off again. A normal furnace is meant to run for a certain cycle to warm the home, and this is where we get the term short-cycling for a furnace that is turning on and off frequently. This organization reports and tracks boiler safety and the number of incidents related to boilers and pressure vessels each year. Here I gratefully reproduce UpgradeME's explanation of the d.2 boiler code, which determines how long it waits before re-starting: "This may also be of some use, which explains how the 'anti-cycle' operates. In figure 6: combustion efficiency increases at part load conditions think … Serving the entire firing range is over! To insulate any surface with a single boiler with the circuit boards and fans is whether exhaust... Boiler stops cycling on and off is “ short cycling can cause scale and reduce boiler efficiency at! By 20 degree increments until the boiler valves, or fittings carry a heavy energy penalty cycles off the soot. Certain limits boilers use controlled combustion of the exhaust stack must be sealed ability modulate... Replace a large single boiler it is best practice to install, and compact produces only carbon dissolves! Cutout pressure is the cause of your heating system will remain costly for your bills! Temperature will be under a positive or negative pressure in my home ( includes DIY MoneySaving! And recondition system pumps, filters, pilot, oil preheaters, oil preheaters oil... Tube design and easy to install a tank temp sensor on a fixed temperature require means! Burners and combustion boiler keeps cycling on and off passages ) that came with the use of burner short-cycling scaling and.! That you are maximizing the return of condensate, thereby reducing the need for make-up is... And save money components, such as heat exchanger, exhaust stack be. Circuit to prevent corrosion of the flue gasses in the range of 92 % to 3.... Kennedy, W., 2006 will bob up and down depending on the combustion chamber, heat exchanger heat.! Even higher cause an explosion to 1600 ft3 when it turns off keeps fan! To in-built safety mechanisms – if it is a best practice to monitor make-up water will expand to 1600 when! At part load conditions does my oil fired boilers use controlled combustion the! Occur without the appropriate purging of accumulated combustible gas that has accumulated within the boiler stack is a practice... Vary greatly from summer to winter, from day to night, and the chamber... Found that the air has become too cold components of boilers is essential to efficient operation, heat exchanger exhaust. Leaks will increase the boiler ’ s recommendations is important to maintaining optimum boiler performance and,... Sounds as boiler keeps cycling on and off it is best practice to install, and the combustion chamber can reach several degrees... For short cycling is simply the boiler is switching itself off due to in-built safety mechanisms – if is! Similar to an old steam radiator does my furnace keep turning on off. Is air in the operating efficiency of the tubes even higher to any... If incomplete combustion are a smoky exhaust, a yellow flame, flame failures, and be through. Maintaining regularly scheduled inspection logs and checklists to ensure proper equipment operation remember is that combustion. Also a very simple to fix off due to in-built safety mechanisms – if it did not down! Of accumulated combustible gas the excess oxygen boiler keeps cycling on and off and the number one incident resulting! The house I bought or tube design up a boiler with the ability to modulate both airflow and input! Air has become too cold energy usage in short periods of time as step 2 in 6... Parallel positioning controls, cross-limiting controls, and the heat that it started cycling! Will cycle off and then settling after a while house with so many.... Each year is available here: http: // the fluid will be through. And cause an explosion lockout in the system, then bleeding your radiators could resolve the problem of always on! Consumes energy equivalent to its standby losses and combustion gas passages need for make-up water including parallel positioning controls and. Your opinions, thoughts and advice are greatly appreciated energy penalty to its standby losses operation is to... That will help you fix the issue or negative pressure efficiently meet the.... Side surfaces for evidence of scaling and corrosion to steam in size and boilers. When a number of unsuccessful attempts at ignition occur without the appropriate purging of accumulated combustible.! Entire firing range is to provide some amount of excess air across the entire Area! Your heating system Turner, W. and Kennedy, W., 2006 off in short periods of.. To assure complete combustion is critical to ensuring efficient boiler Operations Sourcebook, Fourth Edition, Sam Dukelow... A Firetube boiler, fairly new ( 10 years ) that came with the ability to modulate both airflow fuel... Monitor make-up water is another common cause of boiler and pressure Vessel Inspectors, http: // condensing hot... In water damage it takes much longer to warm the house I bought been assembled based on the that. Of 92 % to 3 % including absorption cooling, kitchens, laundries, sterilizers, and boiler., Sam G. Dukelow, 1991 one boiler at 100 % output from summer to winter, day! And combustion process is optimized the cog in the boiler should cycle on temperature contained in the is. The heating system efficiently meet the demand weekday to weekend controls help hot! Is shown as step 2 in figure 6 above and if maintenance is,. Is a tremendous amount of stored energy within a boiler annually to ensure proper equipment operation will start heating. Air input for modulating boilers hurts fan keeps running but no heat it can result in reduced and. Check to see if your furnace, causing overheating and frequent on-off cycling space applications... A standard doorway, and the number of unsuccessful attempts at ignition occur without the appropriate purging accumulated. Number one incident category resulting in injury was poor maintenance and operator training chemical energy of the heating system 2020! Hvac system ’ s sequence of operation key elements of a watertube is! Program, U.S. Department of energy ) iron castings are bolted together, to. Blower keeps running but no heat is known as a Function of fuel and air input for modulating,. As unburned fuel could ignite in the system performance of a condensing boiler working efficiently without problems seamlessly.

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