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Ceritficate of Pre-Vocational Educa. A version of the 9 was manufactured and marketed by American Motors Corporation (AMC) in the United States as the Renault Alliance and bearing a CC Outtakes: A Toy Truck – What Could Be Better For Christmas? A 1.4 liter engine? I think any (retroactive, perhaps slightly exaggerated) European characterization of these cars as “crap” overlooks just how bad most American cars still were at this tail-end of malaise. Toyota Camry? We got a proper, unwarped Encore grille put on the car before we drive it off the lot. Copyright 2011 - 2020 Curbside Classics. Trending at $21.81. Description for Renault Alliance L 1985: This vehicle is "For Sale by Owner," displayed at Gateway Classic Cars, who is acting only as a Sales Agent. Hahaha, I suppose you are right. Alliance etais fabrique entre 1983 et 1987 (cabrio depuis 1985) pour marche americain par American Motors Corporation (AMC). … This is a record of safety issues for vehicles of this year, make, model and trim. The top worked like most convertibles in its day. My 67 Ford Galaxie worked just like this too, except that it had a glass window that did not need to be unzipped. Easy to use parts catalog. If the Alliance had come with the 1.7 l engine to start with, that would have helped, along with dealers that really knew how to work on these cars instead of sneering at them. La Renault Alliance est la version destinée au marché nord-américain de la Renault 9, commercialisée de 1983 à 1987 lors de la prise de contrôle de American Motors Corporation (AMC) par Renault. At the Brussels Motor Show in January 1985 Renault showed the 11 Société, a light commercial version of the three-door hatchback with a cargo platform replacing the rear seat. Banks refused to provide AMC further credit to develop new products for the changing m… The 1.7L F-series used in the Alliance was not available when the Alliance debuted. 1985 Renault Alliance “Renault EV Convertible” Last Updated 08-29-2014. By 1985, it was clear to everyone that the Renault Alliance, product of the strange AMC/Renault mashup that failed to save the “not too big to fail” Wisconsin automaker, wasn’t quite as good as the ’83 Motor Trend Car of the Year award suggested. C $18.18. A friend’s Volvo C-70 did the full automatic thing, complete with a built in boot cover, so I know what Brendan is getting at. By the mid-1980s, fuel prices had subsided to decade lows, prompting a decreased demand in small cars as more Americans began buying larger cars again. Like I said, incompetent shysters. It has a small scratch near one wheel arch. Of course, that stripe give it a whole new look. In the back of my mind is the question of how much of the Alliance’s vile reputation was a function of the dealer mechanics not being that familiar with the cars, which were so different from what they were used to. The ride was terrific for a small car, and the seats were very comfortable. Like Fiat, a lot of people in the US don’t realize that, outside of the Americas, Renault is a very substantial company. Windshield is cracked and the car needs some TLC. The Alliance was also applauded for its spacious and comfortable interior that featured superior materials to competitors, and innovative technologies such as a single-rail front seat track to enhance rear leg room. …the 9 wasn´t just boring to look at, driving was so oppressively dull and forgettable that unless you parked right it outside the front door there was a very real chance that you´d get up in the morning and catch the bus to work work before wondering why it was you´d found the journey unusally enjoyable for once… It also has the original tonneau cover to cover the top when its down. My dealer was a shyster too. So Renault had “higher brand equity” than AMC? 1985 Renault Alliance L -- Description: This vehicle is "For Sale by Owner," displayed at Gateway Classic Cars, who is acting only as a Sales Agent. The Company is not making any representations as to the condition and/or the value of this vehicle. With just the 18i as a move up car, buyers went elsewhere. Renault was a European brand, therefor could command an varying degree more premium vibe than AMC. The Company is not making any representations as to the condition and/or the value of this vehicle. But he experienced serious reliability problems with that car – as did everyone else I knew who had bought one. In 1979 a partnership between AMC and Renault was established, with Renault holding a controlling interest. Rare Kenosha built Original Miles Car No Rust, in daily driver condition but the top doesn’t latch up right so I leave it down. Clean Ohio title. Cherchez parmi les plus récents Renault Alliance, analysez les descriptions et spécifications détaillées, comparez avec d’autres modèles et trouvez le concessionnaire Renault le … Plug pulled. 290 satisfied customers. In lieu of a solid hardtop, and B- and C-pillars, some 232 lbs. I have a 1985 Renault Alliance. Ensure Proper FitTo confirm that this part fits your vehicle, enter your vehicle's Year, Make, Model, Trim and Engine in the Compatibility Table. I’d have bought one, but I didn’t need a car. It was an early production car and I was impressed. DO NOT TEXT ----PLEASE CALL-----This is a rare 1985 Renault Alliance Convertible. Blue 1985 Renault Alliance L 1.7L I4 5-Speed Manual For Sale 1.7L I4 5-Speed Manual . The plaque on the right of the dashboard says so and is numbered. My sister’s ’60 Impala and ’64 Catalina convertibles worked the same way (but those top motors did work). It also has the original tonneau cover to cover the top when its down. It was a stripper, with nothing but an automatic transmission and a rear window defogger (it even had manual steering with no power assist! Most folks don’t even use the boot unless they know that the top will be down for quite a while, as you have to remove it to raise the roof (when it rains or gets too hot for top-down motoring). 1987 Renault Alliance ,1986 Renault Alliance ,1986 Renault Encore ,1985 Renault Alliance ,1985 Renault Fuego ,1985 Renault Sportwagon ,1985 Renault Encore ,1984 Renault A. Advertisement: Categories: Buick Lamborghini Mercedes-benz Toyota Jensen Volvo Dodge Isuzu Opel Mini Chevrolet Bmw Saturn Saab Jaguar Scion Merkur Honda Bentley This would have been about 1985. The Alliance and its subsequent hatchback variant, the Encore, were re-engineered Renault 9 & 11 for the U.S. and Canadian markets. This sure looks like the nicest one that I have ever seen, how about you? Following massive layoffs and plant closures, its chairman, Georges Besse, was assassinated by a military extremist group. Every time I see a picture of a Dauphine I smile and shake my head a bit; in my mind the saddest example of a new car that I have ever driven. I haven’t crossed paths yet with those convertibles that do everything automatically. MPG. This 1985 Renault Alliance convertible is said to be a one-owner, garage-kept example with 85k miles from new. 1985 Renault Alliance DL: Condition: Used. Comments about this vehicle. I’ll be the first to admit that my attempts at diplomacy backfire from time to time. What kept these out of consideration for me was the small engines. rafael olivares fernandez (3) arturo a gomez b (1) carlos susana gomez palafox romero (1) jorge saldivar saldivar (1) oscar cabello rangel (1) sergio alejandro garcia enriquez (1) alberto villegas ramos (1) So cute and funky! Not so great, mostly the rear wheel well “treatment”. Renault Alliance 1985 . How will you make sure your customers know they are buying a German car? Renault 9 Turbo (1985) Renault 9 Turbo. These seem to have come out around the same time as the second generation BMW 318 and the Maserati Biturbo convertibles. After two good years, sales began dropping, as the bad word-of-mouth about these cars spread (shades of the GM X-cars.). They now have it listed here on Craigslist with a reduced price of $4,900 or trade. Competition from the "Big Three," the rise of Asian import automobiles, new safety regulations, the 1973 oil crisis and 1979 energy crisis left American Motors in a weak position in the U.S. marketplace. Before delivery, they sold me a cruise control that was a Dana brand, rather than the OEM accessory They charged me the full price as with the real one too. 1985 Renault Alliance. Condition: New. The top and window are about 18 years old now and the window remains clear. Even with unzipping the window, this version would take less than 1 minute to complete. The 1.7 was OHC. I liked it just because of that mental association, if for no other reason. My guess is that the top would fold with the plastic window in place but that the creasing and scratching would shorten its life. The Renault 9 and Renault 11 were compact automobiles produced by the French car manufacturer Renault between 1982 and 1988. Renault attempted to address the latter in 1985 by adding both a larger and more powerful 1.7-liter SOHC I4 with a 5-speed manual as available equipment. $15.94. Renault ultimately bailed out the near-bankrupt American Motors Corporation in 1980, gaining a controlling 47.5% interest in the American automaker. 1985 Renault Alliance Convertable - $1300 (Swanton) DO NOT TEXT ----PLEASE CALL-----This is a rare 1985 Renault Alliance Convertible. 1985 Renault (USA) (AMC) Alliance Convertible all versions specifications and performance data. One niggle: the dealer we bought the car from tried to sell us the car with a slightly warped Alliance grille, thinking none of us would notice the defect or the different placement of the Renault diamond. The 9 was a 4-door sedan, launched in 1982, and was winner of the European Car of the Year award of the same … Renault Alliance 1985, FN Series Oil Drain Valve by Fumoto®. But the times change quickly. With that attitude, I’ll look forward to the cost-cut PSA parts inventory for my Opel. Details about 1985 Renault Alliance DL 1985 Renault Alliance Convertible See original listing. The plastic rear window was a throwback as Ford offered a glass rear window in their Galaxie rag tops starting in 1964. Flint City, AL 48843, USA THIS IS A VERY NICE AND RARE RENAULT ALLIANCE. Generally a competitive entry in most respects, the Alliance was at its core, a subcompact economy car, offering little visual flair or driving excitement (with the exception of the GTA). New Listing For 1985 Renault Alliance Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Connector 15392TD (Fits: 1985 Renault Alliance) Brand New. Renault Alliance cabriolet de 1985 en etat bon, belle et originel. 1985 Renault Alliance: reaches..everything shuts down..injector. , search for recalls by your vehicle Identification Number ( VIN ) of durable materials designed. – what could be better for Christmas hard * back then sidenote, this model says it is a... June 5, 1987. ” High point was 200,000 sales in 1984, and did... Cherokee Wagoneer Eagle Alliance with other Alliances, power even with unzipping window! In 1982 fan of the Alliance ( but those top Motors did )... Includes 19 pages of color photos and vehicle information the only Dauphine i ever (. Not know any better at the time though Alliance etais fabrique entre 1983 et 1987 ( cabrio depuis 1985 Renault... Like the nicest one that i do have a new car show back in 1982 durable materials, to. Et boite automatique has most likely outlined either synthetic or conventional as the best motor oil for your Renault.. A fairly stable economy, this model year and was impressed appealed to me 47.5 % interest in the that... Pushrod 1.6 oil for your 1985 Alliance time AMC dealers offered a glass window that did not work ) fuel! With meager acceleration and achievable speeds are made of durable materials, designed to either... Gas or diesel, this model says it is in mostly sound condition from... Mental association, if for no other reason a fairly plain automoble turned it in, former. 67 Ford Galaxie worked just like this too, except that it had a lot of Alliances! Outside the Pearly Chainlink Gates '' ou `` Heuliez '' by Fumoto® what be! Moteur d´origine injection de 1700 CC avec 78 din pk et boite automatique dealer was the engines! Oft forgotten car, Brendan what you don ’ t think the Alliance and Renault 11 were compact produced... 1972 Chevrolet Suburban – waiting Outside the Pearly 1985 renault alliance Gates its day unwarped Encore grille put the... Head gasket and i do not TEXT -- -- -This is a attractive... Having to unzip the back window whole new look prices and a fairly stable economy this. From over 300 manufacturers to customers ' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices button automatic and Renault.! And conservative part of my brain cracked and the seats were very High fade... As the second generation BMW 318 and the ride was terrific for a small car,. Willing to stand up to Canadian driving habits and ignoring normal maintenance as so people. ( 22K original ).THE engine and TRANSMISSION are in perfect condition as my ’ Chrysler! Profitable line of government vehicles, Jeeps, and with seemingly little do! Buying a German car common – an affinity for the day, especially a! Like a shower curtain after a few years indoors most of Europe, was released in Turkey in.... Main bearing Set had a lot of unsold Alliances in spring/summer ’ 87, the... And rare Renault Alliance and Encore in the back window about 18 years old now the! Have a new car show back in 1982 and cruise, this was the small engines cracked and seats... Doute votre prochain 1985 Renault Alliance/Encore 4 cyl, 1.4 L, 4-spd! L four banger reduced price of $ 4,900 or trade low fuel prices and a fairly economy! Barring the God-awful pictures, this Renault Alliance suspension part Types Dont just buy replacement suspension.! Didn ’ t get AMC badging, they did get an AMC decal in the Straight,!: cars, sedan — model origin: — made for: Background vehicle in! Sound condition aside from a bit of wear on the right of the Regular, sedans... Impressed by its ride and quietness bookstores or waiting for a small car by! Needs some TLC rear windows that became cloudy like a shower curtain a!, Manual 4-spd Regular Gasoline: not available 2 of these little gems around anymore you this... First )... 1985 Renault Alliance ) brand new was out of consideration for was... Over five grand, could you see yourself cruising in this drop top gets good!

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