Data Protection

By viewing this website, we do not collect or process any of your data.

If you choose to take part in our study, the following information will apply;

By taking part in this study on passive prediction of mental health disorders, we request permission to process certain aspects of your data.

As part of NUI Galway data protection policy, this study has completed an approved data protection impact statement.

In the consent form that follows this information sheet, we will ask your permission to collect and store the following data as part of our study. This data is anonymous (As per recital 26 of the GDPR), meaning we will not be able to identify any individual based on the data submitted. If you consent, we will store and process the following data;

  • Your answer to the consent statements
  • The text inputs you provide to the chatbot
  • The answers you provide on the final questionnaire.

No additional data is recorded or stored in any way. This data will be stored for six months on NUI Galway servers.

We request you do not provide the chatbot with any personal information that might be used to identify you (Name, address etc). Any indication of this will be deleted after the experiment.   

If you choose not to allow us collect and store this data, you will still be free to participate in the experiment, but your data will be deleted once you exit the study.

If you consent to us storing your data, you will be further asked to consent for us to process your data as follows;

  • The text inputs you provided will be analysed using machine learning models. These models will predict patient health questionnaires scores based on linguistic features provided in the text.
  • We will use several statistical agreement tests to compare the answers you provided on the questionnaire with the predictions from the machine learning models. This allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of these models.

If you consent to us not processing your data in the method explained above, your data will be deleted once you complete the experiment.

Below are additional details on the data protection aspects of this study;

The controller of your data is NUI Galway
Reason for processing To advance scientific knowledge
Legal basis for processing your data Article 6, subsection 1 of the GDPR, explicit consent provided. Article 9, subjection 2, necessary for public health and scientific and statistical research. 
Type of data collect Consent statements, text inputs to the chat, answers on the questionnaires
Will my data be transferred to other parties? No
Will this data be used to make any decisions about me? Statistical inferences will be made based on the data you provide about the probability you have a diagnose of major depressive disorder
Where will this data be stored? On NUI Galway web servers.
How long will this data be stored? Six months from when you submit the data to us
How do I withdraw my data? Given that all data is anonymous, it is not possible for us to identify any single individuals data and return it.
What rights do I  have in relation to my data? You have the right to choose how your data is collect and processed as part of this study.
The right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Commission You have the right to do so, and may do so by contacting them on the link provided below.  
The existence of automated decision making You will be automatically assigned to one of two random groups which will determine which model of our conversational system you talk to. If you consent to having your data stored and processed your data will further undergo statistical inference.
Commercial purposes The results of this study may be used to guide future commercial interests at a later stage
Contractual codes of secrecy All investigators in this study are bound by NUI Galway employee codes of conduct
Training in data protection All investigators in this study have been trained by NUI Galway data protection team
Data storage security agreements Any data you consent for us to store as part of this study will be encrypted as per NUI Galway policies (QA409) and stored on data servers that have undergone XYZ

Contact Information

If you have any questions in relation to data processing or storage, please contact us by emailing
and Mihael.arcan@insight-centre.or.

Your data protections rights under Irish Law

Data Protection – A Statement of Data Subject Rights.

The Insight Centre for Data Analytics (a Research Preforming Organisation) is a research centre within NUI Galway. You are receiving this document because Insight may hold personal information about you and as such there are rights attached to this information of which you should be aware.  Depending upon the activities that Insight is performing (e.g. research, pre-trial, clinical trial, participation or attendance at events and conferences etc.) the information which Insight holds and / or process may contain personal data about you.

You have rights which ensure that the information that Insight processes relating to you is factually correct, available to those authorised to access it and used for the purpose(s) stated.

The list above sets out your rights as a Data Subject and they relate to the personal and/or sensitive data which Insight may process in the following formats: manual forms or documents, electronic data, photographs, video and recordings of your image or voice.

  1. Right to have your details used in line with data protection regulations.
  2. Right to information about your personal details.
  3. Right to access your personal details.
  4. Right to know if your personal details are being held.
  5. Right to change or remove your details.
  6. Right to prevent use of your personal details.
  7. Right to remove your details from direct marketing list.
  8. Right to object to the processing of your own personal data.
  9. Right to freedom from automated decision making.
  10. Right to refuse direct marketing calls or mail.

To request a copy of your own personal data please fill out the university form at the link below:

In order to enable the university to process your request efficiently, please provide any details which will help us to identify you and locate your data.  Please be clear about the details you are looking for if you are looking for very specific information. If you make a data access request, the university will respond within 30 days from receipt of the request.  If you only want to enquire if the university holds personal data, we will respond to your request within 21 days from receipt of the request.  In order to avoid unnecessary delays or confusion please be clear in your instruction that it is an enquiry and not an access request.

It should be noted that under the Freedom of Information Act 1997 and 2003 records containing personal information may be released to a third party, where the public interest so requires.

If you have a complaint regarding the way in which your personal data has been handled by Insight, please contact the University’s data protection officer on the details below. You also have the right to make a complaint to Irish Data Protection Commissioner who can be contacted at the address below:

The Data Protection Officer,
NUI Galway, Room A129, 
The Quadrangle, 
NUI Galway, 
University Road, 
Email: Website:
Tel: (091) 492150
The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
Canal House
Station Road
County Laois
LoCall: 1890 252 231
Tel: 057 868 4800
Fax: 057 868 4757