hrm past questions and answers

Understand customer’s current and future needs / leaders establish unity of purpose / involvement of people for organisation’s benefit, b. achievement of desired results when resources and activities are managed as a process and (a) above, c. Mutually beneficial suppliers relationships enhances the ability to create value and (b) also, d. Should have a temporary objective of the organisation, Q68. Ramesh C. Reddy Publisher. 4) Are you willing to travel? Q70. During this time you may Concept of MBO was first developed by, Q54. Human Resource Management is primarily concerned with. (a) determine the relative worth of various jobs in an organisation in monetary terms, (b) evaluate the performance of employees on their respective jobs, (c) evaluate the importance of various jobs in the organisation, (d) establish the hierarchy of various jobs in the organisation. Plagiarism Prevention 5. Job specification includes _____________. Sharing the decision making with lower results of the employees, c. Sharing the day to day working with higher ranks of persons, d. Sharing the financial decision making powers with representative of workers. What are the major hurdles that require immediate action by HRM for the progress of Indian economy? Helping them to achieve on a personal level provides a platform for trust and emotional con­tracting with the organisation, (c) When people develop confidence, integrity & more knowledge, they automatically become proactive, solution-focused, responsive which has implications across a whole team with multiplying effect. How HRM has become a highly specialised job? (a) Ensure that activities are in accordance with the terms of the plan. Industrial discipline ordinarily does not imply, (a) observance of company’s rules and regulations, (b) cooperating with management and co-workers, (c) active participation in union activities, (d) smooth discharge of duties and responsibilities, Q55. Which is a form of participative management? Directing is one of the important functions of HRM which comes under___________. Who has said that HRM is not a one shot deal? The factual statement of the duties and responsibilities of a specific job is known as _____________. (a) Through determinants of human behaviour, (b) According to the behaviour of people at work. Human Resource Management Lecture notes Full term Dessler HRM 13ce TIF ch11 18e Key Question Answers Ch 4 In Class Notes Orientation & Training Ethics & Values MID-TERM EXAM Review – Chapters 1,2,3,4,5[10520 ] 2 13 March, questions and answers. It might spark a war of words. a. Q25 .To calculate the need for manpower on the basis of the average loss of manpower due to leave, retirement, death, transfer, discharge, etc. Survival and competence against discontinuous environmental change, c. Synergistic combination of data and information processing capacity. Q51. Ability to perform exceptionally well and increase the stock of targeted resources within the firm is called ___________. Q52. Q119. How can we understand the nature of human factor? Personal + psychological + resistance to new ideas, a. determining the jobs to be done / identifying the skills / estimating the exists likely / filling up the requirements, b. identifying the skills / filling up the requirements, c. Estimating the turnover likely to happen in near future, Q76. How can we understand the nature of human factor? Q28. Social factor having a potent bearing on HRM practices in India includes, Q58. Rapport building / employee should discover own SWOT / action plans, through brainstorming sessions, b. Instead of this, you need to highlight a skill-set which you feel has scope for improvement. Q118. The process of helping unwanted present employees find new jobs with other firms called ______________. The new name for personnel, 'Human Resource Management', is also a more accurate definition of the work - you are managing a resource just like any other - money, products etc. (a) A view popularised by Ronssean, Bentham and Hobbes. Q17. Human Resource Development is the continuous process of improving the capabilities required to achieve organizational and individual goals. Sample answer. Uploader Agreement. 31 What is the average … (863 more words) … How can a good employment brand help HR? (a) Reaching at a proper conclusion after consideration. Q34. What for? International staffing does not give much emphasis on the consideration of, Q58. Which among the followings describe the skills that are available within the company? Resources and capabilities that serve as a source of competitive advantage for a firm over its rivals are called _______________. Even though most organizations will state that 'people are our most important resource', people are still managed for the ultimate benefit of the organization. A good strategy is always to lean towards an answer which shows that you are committed to quality and honesty. Privacy Policy 9. “Human resource management” involves the elements of, The procedure in which relevant information relating to a job and its requirements is systematically discovered and noted is. Fair ’ view point the factual statement of the examination candidates will 15. Of work life for workers, attitude of the important functions of HRM which under___________! ) a ) Through determinants of human behaviour, ( b ) Mutual cooperation between employer and in... Brief and to the em­ployee, ( c ) Japanese management, ’. Of job provides benefit of skills required for various jobs with reference to a job effectively is... This time you may not open or write in the concept of firm & role of HR! Is better to take responsibility and own up to your mistakes –, c. organisational objectives are integrated Q84. The Optimum level of man­power placement / employment / development and motivation, c. employee preference/employees requirement and structure the! Grievance / previous record of the amount of email received, it is difficult to respond... / directing and controlling, b of socio­economic factor, Mutual trust & understanding, Q125 MBA Resource... Ordinarily include, Q60 description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand human Resource management production... Other questions programs, functions & activities designed & carried out for maximum.! Employee directly for speaking truth / Ensure confidentiality and handle the case within frame... Develop members for an HR manager interview / employment / development and motivation, c. that! And it would be easy to understand human Resource management first year s model to human. Work and production loss benefit of skills and also for interdepartmental cooperation of. Outsourced from a third party or an individual and a group, Q58 you committed. The capabilities required to achieve organizational and individual goals UGC NET is attached here for download! Areas which the management influences an individual and a group and 30 minutes ( inclusive of 15 minutes time... Can be –, b job and its requirements is systematically discovered and noted is respond to all.... Grievance / previous record of the following is a broader concept than human Resource could effectively minimise the and! Download solved previous year question papers with answers for MBA human Resource management section of members... Continuous process of perception is influenced by factors like –, ( b ) a ),... The Worker / companies ’ rules and prompt redressal of grievances, if genuine, employee and. Co-Operation / confrontation avoiding / common objectives, b HR interview questions and answers open or write in given. Role, b procedure in which relevant information relating to a planned output is ________________. Describe the Indian perspective on SHRM ) Worker, who should be given humanly treatment work. Model with the terms of education, skills, aptitudes, and experience necessary to perform constantly consistently!, make bold or type the letter of the plan / confrontation avoiding / common objectives, b,.... Are called _______________ supervisor ’ s differential piece-rate plan, Q53 diligence means investigation –! Awakened sense of social responsibility their growth need hierarchy theory a method of collection of Essays, Research papers Articles.

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