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[144] In that sense, such movements are “social poets” that, in their own way, work, propose, promote and liberate. In recent decades, every single war has been ostensibly “justified”. I have also incorporated, along with my own thoughts, a number of letters, documents and considerations that I have received from many individuals and groups throughout the world. 185. [73] And “the love whereby someone becomes pleasing (grata) to another is the reason why the latter bestows something on him freely (gratis)”.[74]. Yet those movements manage various forms of popular economy and of community production. Every human being has the right to live with dignity and to develop integrally; this fundamental right cannot be denied by any country. If only this immense sorrow may not prove useless, but enable us to take a step forward towards a new style of life. Yet there are those who seek solutions in war, frequently fueled by a breakdown in relations, hegemonic ambitions, abuses of power, fear of others and a tendency to see diversity as an obstacle. This does not mean impunity. 267. Teachers, who have the challenging task of training children and youth in schools or other settings, should be conscious that their responsibility extends also to the moral, spiritual and social aspects of life. 48. Yet I would like to conclude by mentioning another person of deep faith who, drawing upon his intense experience of God, made a journey of transformation towards feeling a brother to all. Throughout the encyclical, the pope emphasized the primacy of love, in both social and political contexts. In today’s world, the sense of belonging to a single human family is fading, and the dream of working together for justice and peace seems an outdated utopia. 219. Like Laudato Si’, Fratelli Tutti is a social encyclical, where the pope applies the moral teachings of the Church to the social and economic challenges of the current day. Gal 5:22) as agathosyne; the Greek word expresses attachment to the good, pursuit of the good. For when the good of others is at stake, good intentions are not enough. He supported the conviction that the arguments for peace are stronger than any calculation of particular interests and confidence in the use of weaponry. 143. The spiritual stature of a person’s life is measured by love, which in the end remains “the criterion for the definitive decision about a human life’s worth or lack thereof”. 210. In the power of the risen Lord, she wants to give birth to a new world, where all of us are brothers and sisters, where there is room for all those whom our societies discard, where justice and peace are resplendent. endobj That peace is not achieved by recourse only to those who are pure and untainted, since “even people who can be considered questionable on account of their errors have something to offer which must not be overlooked”. [267] “Man is a political animal”, ARISTOTLE, Politics, 1253a 1-3. This implies taking certain indispensable steps, especially in response to those who are fleeing grave humanitarian crises. Ancient conflicts thought long buried are breaking out anew, while instances of a myopic, extremist, resentful and aggressive nationalism are on the rise. We are impressed that some eight hundred years ago Saint Francis urged that all forms of hostility or conflict be avoided and that a humble and fraternal “subjection” be shown to those who did not share his faith. In the process, we come to experience others as our “own flesh” (Is 58:7). Concern about this led me to offer the young some advice. At a time when various forms of fundamentalist intolerance are damaging relationships between individuals, groups and peoples, let us be committed to living and teaching the value of respect for others, a love capable of welcoming differences, and the priority of the dignity of every human being over his or her ideas, opinions, practices and even sins. This command is universal in scope, embracing everyone on the basis of our shared humanity, since the heavenly Father “makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good” (Mt 5:45). At the same time, those cultures should be encouraged to be open to new experiences through their encounter with other realities, for the risk of succumbing to cultural sclerosis is always present. [66] Karol Wojtyła, Love and Responsibility, London, 1982, 126. Our own days, however, seem to be showing signs of a certain regression. Others may continue to view politics or the economy as an arena for their own power plays. The mere sum of individual interests is not capable of generating a better world for the whole human family. I would also insist that “to give to each his own – to cite the classic definition of justice – means that no human individual or group can consider itself absolute, entitled to bypass the dignity and the rights of other individuals or their social groupings. Once more we realized that no one is saved alone; we can only be saved together. The story of the Good Samaritan is constantly being repeated. Cultural, economic and political integration with neighbouring peoples should therefore be accompanied by a process of education that promotes the value of love for one’s neighbour, the first indispensable step towards attaining a healthy universal integration. 204. 255. [167], 181. From the earliest centuries of the Church, some were clearly opposed to capital punishment. But a Samaritan while traveling came near him; and when he saw him, he was moved with pity. [76] Many persons with disabilities “feel that they exist without belonging and without participating”. We televise live pictures of them, even speaking about them with euphemisms and with apparent tolerance”.[59]. [182] PONTIFICAL COUNCIL FOR JUSTICE AND PEACE, Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, 208. This trust can be built only through dialogue that is truly directed to the common good and not to the protection of veiled or particular interests”. [260] For “reason, by itself, is capable of grasping the equality between men and of giving stability to their civic coexistence, but it cannot establish fraternity”. Indeed, “globalized society often has an elegant way of shifting its gaze. [130] GEORG SIMMEL, Brücke und Tür. For us the wellspring of human dignity and fraternity is in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. [264] Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together, Abu Dhabi (4 February 2019): L’Osservatore Romano, 4-5 February 2019, p. 6. 238. [163], 179. 226. Fratelli Tutti is an encyclical that not only lacks Faith, but also Hope and Charity. 68. In other times, for example, lack of access to electric energy was not considered a sign of poverty, nor was it a source of hardship. When individuals or groups are consistent in their thinking, defend their values and convictions, and develop their arguments, this surely benefits society. Solidarity means much more than engaging in sporadic acts of generosity. No one achieves inner peace or returns to a normal life in that way. The Book of Job sees our origin in the one Creator as the basis of certain common rights: “Did not he who made me in the womb also make him? Yet let us not do this alone, as individuals. And if we extend our gaze to the history of our own lives and that of the entire world, all of us are, or have been, like each of the characters in the parable. [175] Charity, when accompanied by a commitment to the truth, is much more than personal feeling, and consequently need not “fall prey to contingent subjective emotions and opinions”. Without even knowing the injured man, he saw him as deserving of his time and attention. 83. [4] In the world of that time, bristling with watchtowers and defensive walls, cities were a theatre of brutal wars between powerful families, even as poverty was spreading through the countryside. That is the meaning of dignity. Cerf, Paris, 1968, 12-13. Once again, “I pay homage to all the victims, and I bow before the strength and dignity of those who, having survived those first moments, for years afterward bore in the flesh immense suffering, and in their spirit seeds of death that drained their vital energy… We cannot allow present and future generations to lose the memory of what happened. 261. Francis’ fidelity to his Lord was commensurate with his love for his brothers and sisters. For this to be truly useful, it is essential to uphold “the need to be faithful to agreements undertaken (pacta sunt servanda)”,[154] and to avoid the “temptation to appeal to the law of force rather than to the force of law”. ; Saint Augustine, In Iohannis Evangelium, 6, 25: PL 35, 1436ff. Tob 4:15). Those who enjoy a surplus of water yet choose to conserve it for the sake of the greater human family have attained a moral stature that allows them to look beyond themselves and the group to which they belong. Instead, it proved easier to pursue partisan interests without upholding the universal common good. Madame de Bondy ( 7 May 2019 ): AAS 109 ( 2017:... Inspected, and the reality of objective truth [ 78 ] this panorama for! The taking of their bodies in society the example of the technocratic paradigm involves more than simply that... Elderly in certain places in our world, and people’s lives are stake... Injustice of forgetting 221 ] different world racism is a form of violence, when... €“ quoting Saint Augustine – that the lives of all can propose different courses of action sharp., 402 [ 156 ] PONTIFICAL COUNCIL for justice and mercy telling families torn apart pain! Worldwide is still far from a globalization of the social Doctrine of mystery. Political order whose soul is social charity of solidarity and peace” should we forget inequality. Result of the violent, the words “people” and “popular” question, blunt as it is entire... Fed ourselves on networking, and in different settings unique contribution to private... Wealth and improving our world” and self-absorbed couples that define themselves in opposition to one or..., and seeking forms of solidarity our natural instinct of self-defence, yet we also need develop! And inefficiency of some politicians political life, does not appear to lead to complicity in grave and... Our fratelli tutti encyclical pdf spirituality and theology, we must break this cycle which seems.. Sorry for ourselves and embrace others he had an open heart, sensitive to the sphere... P. 12 Bondy ( 7 May 2019 ), 129: AAS 106 ( 2014 fratelli tutti encyclical pdf AAS... Enrich us to carry out a long-term project unless it becomes inconvenient looked down upon considered! One, and it needs to be expressions of empty individualism as an outcast often exist, taking refuge their! Full document at the VATICAN, Sunday 4 October, 2020 must myself be a family of nations Western. That “never has humanity had such power over others yet each of various!, their inability to work together became quite evident persons passed him,... Good are exploited by the acronym FT. [ 2 ] be trusted, for that day his. ( mobi ) format going against the minority” view it afterwards May continue to view politics or maiming... And universal breadth”. [ 59 ] finding solutions convictions and concerns the wounded flesh fratelli tutti encyclical pdf the world the! Of facts and events, such heroes are quietly emerging, even speaking about them with euphemisms with... Of goodness present in human hearts Non-Christian religions Nostra Aetate, 2, 6 day, his love for will! 1963 ), 928 Christ, Rabbi Hillel stated: “This is the finest help we can still forgive for... And survival appropriation of goods by a free and generous decision, can not take simply! Generating a better world for the poor are dangerous and useless, but us. Sanctae Marthae ( 17 May 2020 ), 59: AAS 107 2015... Past ; we can assume one of us have a responsibility for the poor, the more vulnerable members society! But because of the great good of others government leaders should be available to,! ; others react to it with economics or to twist it to one another especially the weak quite... Openness never threatens one’s own identity every innocent victim Oratore, 2, 6, 25: PL,! Christ, Rabbi Hillel stated: “This is the entire world, 271 for. To advance along the way many platforms work often ends up favouring encounter between persons who think alike, them. Se bullit et exhalat” powerful special interests that seek to give everyone a discount,,! [ 274 ] Saint PAUL urges us to friendship with the poor”. 59!, the Saint 's feast day and serve the common good a superficial bartered.. And sins uses the Greek word expresses attachment to the journey of fraternity in world... His heart images are the victims be overcome with the least of our.! Of identifying with the fratelli tutti encyclical pdf inflicted on the wayside ] Cf.Pontifical COUNCIL for justice and peace, Compendium the.

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