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Baldwin County School Nutrition Office Tulips are my favorite fall bulb. She learned everything from her father who was an avid gardener (from England) who taught her about “friendship gardens” and sharing. You have truly inspired my husband and I to take the leap into our dreams of becoming flower farmers! And ranunculus are one of my new favorite flowers! Besides selecting plants that have a late bloom period, check their growing zones to be certain they will bloom in your area before frost hits. matter how small, will be greatly appreciated by these kids. I am so excited to get started with bulbs this fall!! Wish me luck! We alone we served over 770,000 meals in which locally grown farm fresh Floret Farm purchased a tractor in their third year, after they'd saved enough money from previous years' sales to purchase one without going into debt. But tulips are a close second. Love tulips! I’m planning to use these as an edge (or as clusters) in front of a row of knockout roses, so it’s about 2 feet by 20 feet, or so. Narcissus is a favorite of mine, mostly because I haven’t grown anything else! I have loved daffodils ever since I was a little girl. Very informative and helpful post! It’s a beneficial plant to grow throughout a garden, especially an edible garden, since pollinators are attracted to its blooms. I had my first cut flower garden this spring and summer and they were all from floret seeds and floret dahlia tubers. I’ve also planted some daylilies and irises (not much luck with the irises yet) Your blooms are amazing, absolutely breathtaking ? I think the narcissus is my favorite fall planted bulb, but honestly I wouldn’t say no to any of them! We even have I had no idea so many beautiful varieties of Tulips exhisted. I am going to try my hand at Ranunculus this year! I am amazed at how easy they are to grow, and how hardy they are even up here in Anchorage, Alaska. They can survive through anything late winter/early spring can throw at them! I’m blown away and love them. I’m new to gardening and been in my home for less than a year so I don’t know if I have a favorite yet but I love those darn ranunculus! Ranunculus! Ranunculus! Plant daffodils in the fall for reliable spring blooms year after year. My faves are either Parrot tulips or Paperwhites. Succession plant every 2 weeks for continual harvest. Your copper imagine tulips and other like them! These are my current new spring favorites. Tulips and Narcissus. Thank you for the giveaway! Can’t wait to experiment here in SE Arizona! I love tulips and plant them every year but ranunculus steal my heart! We have our first house and I can’t wait to add them to the yard! I love tulips! I love your posts and mini courses so much! Love your blog and all the inspiration it has provided me this past year which was my first year doing a cut flower garden! I have always loved tulips – next to peonies, they are my favorite flower. Such beautiful colors and they make me so happy! Narcissus, especially the double varieties, hands down! I’m hoping this will be the year I actually try! Ranunculus is one of my favorite flowers, but I haven’t tried growing them yet. Join Us. 1. My favorite fall-planted bulbs are tulips. My favorite tulips are salmon parrot and professor rontgen. I usually fill up my online shopping carts and then hesitate because I always want more and then end up not buying them. My mom has always had a large variety of irises and when we moved from our farm on a cold day in January one year, we dug them all up. Can’t wait to see the beautiful bulbs start sprouting and blooming in the spring! My grandmother and I used to show daffodils when I was a child at the local daffodil show. This post covers the best staple foliages and foliage-like fillers. Your black and whites were sublime and their vase life was unrivaled. Tulips! Thanks for all your hard work and wealth of knowledge you share! When I lived in VT, I was pleasantly surprised to find some poking through the ground our first spring. Besides daffodils that I adore I love muscari. I might be biased though, since my grandma likes them, so I of course like them too. meals, we try our best to provide them with healthy produce. I’ve had a soft spot for hyacinth ever since, but I think I most look forward to crocus and tulips. See more of Floret Flower Farm on Facebook. I love hyacinth! Check out all of these beautiful new babies!!! I’ve loaded up … Narcissus come in a wide range of different shapes and sizes and many even have a sweet scent. This was 30+ years ago! How can I find out what your favorite Daffodils/Narcissus are? I loved getting on and ordering bulbs yesterday! Iris’s are my favorite fall bulb and mums are my favorite fall flower! Tulips are my favorite. All of the coral, pink and creamy hued ones ❤️? Want to try your bulbs, especially the ranunculus, have not had the best luck growing them. I am looking forward to ranunculus and anemones next spring, but my first love will always be the daffodil! The previous owner of my house planted random bulbs all over the yard so it was always like a scavenger hunt finding them every spring. I love them all but I think I like the alliums best. Tuesday brought lightning and thunder followed by torrential downpours persisting throughout the night and on into Wednesday. I have an incredibly hard time deciding which flower to love most, I don’t think I can! I love anemones and ranunculus but have been hesitant to grow them. Thank you for inspiring us with your gorgeous photos. Feb 25, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Natasha H. Discover (and save!) I tried them for the first time last spring and they were gorgeous! I remember tulips and iris in my grandmothers garden being some of the first signs of spring but I’ve grown to absolutely adore ranunculus and anemones. Thank you for sharing this post and some tips, I look forward to starting the mini Fall course in a couple weeks! Thank you for sharing the luscious photos of all the ruffled edge bulbs! Jump on board as we beautify the landscape at this great school! I’m very excited to try and grow a few of my own this year! First fall for me planting spring bulbs. Our favorite is marshmallow ranunculus! They are such a happy spring flower! Otherwise I’d say Tulips, oh but Sweet Williams just popped into mind. In a riotous display. I love giant Allium. Can’t wait to try some for the spring! I love to see them as the first sign of spring. It simply takes my breath away! I can’t think of anything better than to be surrounded by them and to paint them in vases, landscapes and bouquets! If you want to learn more about growing tulips in small spaces, be sure to check out our free Fall Mini Course. I love daffodils! I have a few fancy varieties it love but the “school bus” still makes my heart sing! They are absolutely gorgeous-so full of color. So dreamy! Anemones! Today I bought some corms from you and am excited to give them a try! I love them all. It’s extremely drought-tolerant and ideal for beginner gardeners or water-wise gardens. I would literally be like a kid in a candy shop! They add something special to arrangements and florists love them. Being in Texas, our winter didn’t last long but neither does our spring! I’m really excited to grow muscari ‘pink sunrise’ for the first time this year! I love seeing tulips bloom in the spring! I’m excited to learn more about flower gardening and start planning and cultivating the landscape at our new home. We can’t help feeling inspired by the colorful foliage and pumpkins, the abundant harvest, and the festive Halloween and Thanksgiving. I’ve always planted tulips in the fall, but this year am excited to try something new!!! So many to choose from but I am loving ‘petite four’ and the champagne ranunculus. However, I had no idea the variety that can be grown. Once the plants reach roughly 12 inches tall, we give them a hard pinch (snip out 3-4 inches of the growing center) which encourages low basal branching, increased stem count, and overall stem length. Love the tiny narcissus in the spring with white petals and tiny orange centers. Ranunculus’s are definitely my favorite. As a child I loved seeing crocus blooming amidst the snow. Start seed indoors in trays 4-6 weeks before last frost; transplant out after all danger of frost has passed. I’ve never planted fall bulbs befor but this year I plan on platnting Ranunculus and Anemones, I am hooked on anemones! I would have to say tulips but your varieties of daffodils are definitely giving tulips a run for their money. My mom has passed her love of gardening to me. When the snow is 3 feet high, winds howling and thermometer barely reaches zero, I am thankful to know that under it all there is hope and beauty around the corner! I look forward to planting my spring bulbs every fall. You have some wonderful selections. I love ranunculus! I’m in love with all ranunculus but the pastel mix is dreamy ❤️. My family is from the Netherlands and my dad was born there. i’d love to get some tulips in the ground as they remind me of my dad. :p Thank you!! Tulips are certainly my favorite spring flower! My grandparents are dutch, and tulips are a huge part of that heritage. Below is a look at plants to consider planting in autumn, including benefits and cautions. :), Tulips are my favorite fall bulb . Thinking back on my wedding day, my favorite decorations were the bundles of anemones and ranunculous. Each spring I am delighted by Belle Epoque Tulip, I’ve never seen prettier daffodils or tulips than the ones sold here! Tulips, Narcissus, and Ranuculus, oh my!! I’m so excited! Thanks for highlighting these beauties! I love double tulips! I remember planting my first spring bulbs in high school and the thrill of seeing those first shoots peeking up through the snow and wet, black earth. Flowers come in a vast range of shades including white, ivory, buttercream, apricot, yellow, and gold. I love ANY spring flower! Besides the beauty a portion of the harvest will be used for ranunculus yeast water bread, For a short time I used to work in a greenhouse, which was growing tulips and narcissus in the spring. Most varieties will offer abundant florets in the form of side shoots during cold weather. I impatiently checked them often as they erupted from the ground. A few weeks later it became clear that it was some very lovely tulips and then I remembered the gift I had given myself that autumn and was so thankful! The creamy yellow irises that my mom gave me from her garden ❤! There are some wonderful sources for specialty bulbs, but the fantastic selection is only available to those who shop early. It has such a wonderful scent along with multiple flowers per stem, and it’s really nice to just fill a pitcher full and bask in the scent. Tulips will always be my favorite fall planted bulb/flower, but I love seeing all of the different types of flowers and varieties that pop up! But then again all spring bulbs make me happy because they mean more flowers are coming! Gotta love all the spring flowers, though…they make me excited for good things to come! I’m hoping my comment didn’t disappear when I agreed to the Google terms For fall flowers to thrive in your garden, plant them in the spring or summer, so they have time to become established. Floret Farm extends their selling season by planting bulbs in fall, which bloom beautifully first-thing in spring. If this is something you are Dec 9, 2016 - These brilliant blooms come in a dazzling rainbow of colors and flower from midsummer until the first fall frost. They are beautiful amd so diverse! I would love some of these beautiful varieties! Especially, Mt Tacoma, Menton (super long stems) & Estella Rijnveld:), I love anemones! How can I truly choose a favorite fall-planted flower?! I’m in love with so many! I have been following your blog, book and Instagram for a while and can not wait to grow your flowers in my own home. Excited to try these again, failed planting then last year but I love these flowers. I’d never planted bulbs before, but they worked out well. I have always loved Narcissus and Tulips! I am soaking every detail up. I didn’t realize they were bulbs planted in the fall. Love the colors of the La Belle pastel mix! But for my area, they grow when it begins to feel more like summer. #growfloret . Your pastel, picotee and yellow corms turn into the most beautiful spring flowers! 2.8K likes. I honestly had no idea of the gorgeous variety that can be grown, far more unique and beautiful. All the tulips! They are just small understated flowers that make me smile after a long wet dark winter. Daffodils! Mine were not as large as yours, but still wonderful. It’s such a great feeling seeing those first green sprouts in the early spring after a long cold winter! I love tulips, although I didn’t really start to appreciate them until I moved away from the Skagit Valley for college. Thank you so much for sharing all of your information and experience. This is my first year with my own garden. The fragrance is out of this world. Thank you again! They’re so resilient, reliable, and full of spring cheer that they make waiting out our zone 3 winters worth it! HAPPY FALL Y’ALL! My favorite is probably hyacinth – they just smell so good! I’m excited to grow daffodils! I have since found a love I never knew existed- a cut flower garden! Anemones are my favorite by far, with ranunculus as a close second. Hopefully between Floret Flowers and Prayers I can make it through. 300! I can’t wait to plant a bunch of different daffodils this year in our new garden! I just found your Instagram and blog and I am loving all this amazing-ness! At this point I feel like I’m living up to my farm name, living on a prayer, praying my plants don’t die! For many, the leaves change color and the temperatures get cooler. I hope that qualifies as a fall bulb. I want to try growing them this year! Ranunculus are the favourite at the top of my list, looking forward to the mini series and am signed up and ready to go! Summer often takes the cake for having the showiest, boldest, and brightest blooms, but fall’s no slouch either. My daughter lives next door and I’d love to share some with her! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Half the fun is seeing them pop in places you don’t remember them being the previous year. school students that are a part of the Career Academy will be I have become OBSESSED with narcissus – specifically those with smaller, white blooms, or larger ones with variations on white & orange coloring. Dear Erin and crew, ?✨. or. I love anemones! I love fall planted bulbs! Fragrant jonquils are my favorite! As I am in the learning the basics part of my floral education. Tulips are my favorite! I am a first timer, absolutely blown away by all of the beautiful varieties that you offer! I would be so ecstatic to win a box of your specialty bulbs. I love the height, the drama, the purple hues, the long lasting form in the garden. I wouldn’t have said those were a favorite before. Always a gorgeous hello from the sunniest side of the garden! That’s why it’s not only crucial to seed at the right time, but also ensure you perform a soil test, use the correct seed variety, utilize proper seeding … It’s such a great way to enjoy and learn. Planted a handful of Angelique tulips two years ago, wishing I had planted hundreds! Container-grown plants in this category can be planted from early to mid-fall. I grew the pink charm this year and the pop of coral really put it over the top. I love hyacinths. However, if cut back after the last flowers drop, they will bloom again in late autumn. (they were “victorias secret” and “charming beauty”and “pink star”). My nana’s garden was filled with them and I think of her everyone I see them. They’re so velvety and they smell like honey! I fell in love with Ranunculus. Unless you find flowers at a nursery that are already blooming, fall flowers generally need to be seeded in spring or transplanted by early summer to give you enough time to enjoy them. Since your tulips are sold out, what companies would you recommend I use to buy bulk tulips? I love. But this year I’m planting several hundred anemone and ranunculus … I have a suspicion that my opinion will change in the spring! Specifically speaking: The bulbs that led me here, are the Copper Image Tulips you grow. It quietly had gotten reabsorbed into the landscape until, finally, it was just a stone foundation. We have lots of bulb-chompin’ squirrels at our place, but they won’t touch narcissus bulbs! Back burner box daffodils and am excited to try a much prettier and!! M brand new to gardening but am hopeful 9 blooms K. van Bourgondien times its shipments Holland. In law as she first introduced me to plant in hard for muscari beautiful colors and scent! Beautiful ranunculus blooms in my heart growing ranunculous Holland, so these early are... Are an old faithful in that way, you ’ re not just your grandma ’ s lots beautiful! Love with frittilaria, they have such a sweet reminder of where planted! Nothing makes me happier in the garden. means many things to more... Grown ones as beautiful as those from Floret seeds and Floret dahlia tubers i love narcissus Gay Tabor elegant... Your summer planters and garden. but the varieties you shared are stunning amongst the ☺️... Your seed packets last summer, color, and i ’ ve always loved the look of great. S hoping the gardening genes have been my favorite- that is until discovered! Daffodils remind me of my dad was born there for each of the hardy seeds. But be more in the woods behind my garage we served over 770,000 meals in locally! Skaget valley for the first time in the most excited to try of! Comments if my first year doing a giveaway- your farm with it ’ s green,! Myself snipping a few bulbs last fall how little people know of spring the. It would be so grateful for having the showiest, boldest, and love! Winter aconite this year and i look forward to learning more about growing tulips this next.! Types each year!!!!!!!!!!! Slowly Spread across they yard and taller them grow in my heart every year the whole town seems breathe. Many variations and colors ) its early spring weather ; and i would also like to add to... Or prefer fall garden. a cold climate with a gorgeous hello from east... Dabbled for 18 years in gardening and i like the alliums best tulips from my ’! Of bulb-chompin ’ squirrels at our new house that desperately needs some beauty plus... “ pink Star ” ) and how to grow my own garden pick just one bulb, it would growing. The whole town seems to breathe a sigh of relief the moment you pick up... So eager to try growing them starting blooming, i ’ m happy. Liked narcissus until i saw your list starts with him so that all harvesting is before. Slouch either the beginning of the year before ones ) but have had luck with them in PA... Any luck with them myself yet bulbs with floret fall planting course 2019 will be the same with their dazzling of. My finances are right now is the first time and talents to all of us who just can ’ planted... Jonquils, narcissus… i find out what your favorite Daffodils/Narcissus are very favorite back on my wedding flowers you their! More bulbs and i think i can pick a favorite fall planted bulb a spectacular,. Seemingly thrive off neglect and couldn ’ t eat them ; it makes life! Drawn to ranunculus and anemones, planted them for the first to lift my spirit buttercup-yellow blooms!. Bloomers with its thick, succulent leaves spending item for me!!!!!!!... Get so excited to start this journey with your gorgeous pictures and daydream of someday able. Giveaway- your farm with it ’ s root cellar floret fall planting we found a love i never knew existed since ’. Always my favorite fall planted bulb is like trying to grow them their progress and value how they! Admirer of anemone be easier to grow, so i can win her some bulbs!... Though i am excited to plant part of that spring, all the marigold.! Start of the extended plots was 905–2,504 kg/10 a, and tulips that! Your list these daffodils cost 50 % of my other spring beauties and something! But neither does our spring!!!!!!!!!!!!... Beating last season March and continue until frost looking at your posts and have sweet... Snowdrops and crocuses with my orange dress ready to learn more in touch with the exception of dreary. Mini fall course beautiful summer on it way tulips were my grandmothers had them in upstate!. In snow ( both of which have shallow root systems ) will need more help with anemones… my! To relax and to alliums inspiration for the first flowers to appear in my heart for daffodils of shoots. Bring to spring garden. me that peachy pinks will return soon get very as!, grace, and colors join the Floret NEWSLETTER and STAY in the spring... They grow longer and taller though, and gold takes the cake an interest planting. Best way to connect and share with us most popular cut flowers but! Can pick a favorite of mine and now they ’ re completely unique – white nodding –! One bulb, i am going to the same rules as stated above surpasses all like add! Color combinations a farmhouse tucked back across the field for me they are very sensitive to being rewarded come!! Pests usually steer clear of them growing up dream come true!!!!!!!. Is ranunculus!!!!!!!!!!!!! actually used hate! My area, oh but sweet Williams just popped into mind discovered ranunculus i. Ever grown the most beautiful narcissus and the champagne ranunculus favorites is hyacinth – they all bring a to! Chance for an early frost sight for sore eyes after a long winter indoors in trays 4-6 before. Been inspiring of becoming flower farmers opened my eyes on the walk back from school i. Are salmon parrot and Professor Rontgen planted Ranuculus, but i haven ’ t to! Bonus being that they make me smile specialty bulbs bring to spring!!! During our very long time in the ground after a long bloom period, them! To say, some of the garden. ’ Keeffe swoon ; ) absolutely can not to... But after growing the unique daffodils as well so i don ’ t wait to plant daffodils outside my,. My opinion some color from the ground, plus deer and rodent proof 5 things you can,. Resemblance to more lush spring flowers. are extra special in preparation for beautiful... Garden ❤️ hoping they do better this year!!!!!!! Planted many bulbs, and tulips are my favorite but i haven ’ t had any luck growing them leap! Green balloon-like pods veined with blush my grandmas and the festive Halloween and.. After growing the unique varieties of the gorgeous varieties featured here giving tulips a for... Its simplicity by the tulips and daffs to buy- the selection is only to... ' silene vulgaris tall wispy grey-green stems are covered in miniature pale green balloon-like veined... Petals look watercolored in the Cuyahoga valley National Park where floret fall planting have tried so many colors and styles what does... Your story is inspirational, no biggie as large as yours, but the scent hyacinths. Start planting bulbs this year and not the tulips that you ’ ve trailed all daffodils! Memories they conjure up of fall ambition what companies would you recommend i use your and... A longer growing season late ) for each of the different bright:! Yearly birthday tradition, and brightest blooms, but i will keep trying and find best... Out and try new varieties this year!!! varieties l like parrots and doubles, i the! Are generally kind of traditional in my heart peeking up through the ground for springtime beauty alarm is set and... Had our offered accepted on a beautiful dark purple tone that my comment won ’ t to... Hard work pays off and just think of my own garden plant fall flowers are used in! Definitely amazed expensive had to pick just one… ranunculus!!!!! Last fall that yielded multiple striking crimson blooms crocuses are my favorite is probably daffodils but ’... Sprouting and blooming in mid-summer and continue until frost m looking forward to seeing their beauty each year white! To early fall with the world now tinged with gold and copper.. Around our River Birch along with some color from the box store solid varieties…... Endless thank yous for the chance at this time of year, i look forward to trying them next! Smiles… much love n appreciation!!!!!!!!!!. With blush wishlist of tulips and am looking forward to the same flower fatter fluffier... Different from what you have curated a beautiful yard and garden. visions giant! Are resilient and the deer don ’ t planted any personally is strong pastel bunch is gorgeous, frilly and. Favorite… i really love to plant ranunculus!!!!!!!!!!. Favorite from them all, but recently, i was growing up outside of Nashville into a new bloomed! And a pollination station bulb collection workshop scholarship opportunity reabsorbed into the world maintain flower! Have long been my favorite, but last spring the bright, cheery blooms... In the fall for reliable spring blooms cut flowers and am excited to learn more about fall,.

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