behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time

Three years ago I painted tje exterior of my rental property with Behr Primer Plus. I imagine some colors will fade over many years even if exterior paint is used outside. Use PREMIUM PLUS Exterior over properly prepared and cleaned coated and uncoated exterior surfaces; For stain-blocking, or over oil-based or glossy surfaces, use a product such as BEHR PREMIUM PLUS Interior/Exterior Multi-Surface Primer & Sealer No. We all know that latex paints are water based. After 4 weeks, cured paint film may be cleaned with a mild, non-abrasive liquid detergent. Thanks to everyone that posted. My wife and I recently went to Mississippi to help our son and his family paint the whole inside of their house so they could move in. Preview, match, and coordinate colors "on-the-go" with this convenient tool. The contractor liked it and it looks smooth. Finish paint- 2 coats: spraying and backroll is recommended for this application also- especially for the reasons you mention. I do give Behr a prize for being the #1 company in misleading marketing. It is Saturday May 21 2016. For this project, I too, was talked into the paint plus primer as I was working with a shade of red paint. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. We have painted our own home many times using seperate primer and paint without a problem and experienced great results. When confronted, the HD clerk admitted “oh yes, it’s actually ‘flat enamel’ and it does have a slight sheen”. A darker orange over a lighter green and it bleeds through WTF? I’m painting over asbestos cement shingles (which take paint extremely well) and am only doing one coat with no priming and its working great. Bought the Behr w/ primer all-in-one and am highly disappointed. 37 years in the paint business so if you want to argue with me you better know your stuff. and only then can pay for various orders. etc. I hate it. Think I’ll just stick to Glidden. Do not thin if using a roller or brush; however, if using a sprayer and thinning is required, thin with water at a rate of no more than 1/2 pint per gallon. When I put 2 coats over the compound it continues to “flash”. I used Glidden paint for the primer and paint without issue. We do rebates for many paint/stain companies and retailers. 2 coats always will give you a better paint job, that being said you will be skipping the primer step. If it is oil based you would want to use an oil based primer on the shed first, then you can use a water based paint, like the behr ultra, over the primer. I thought I would need more and had an extra gallon. FYI… Remove the tape when the paint is WET. All surfaces should be properly prepared and cleaned. A+ product! Hi folks. I would never use it again. I do not no what to do other than peel the rest of the room off. This acrylic latex paint has the added benefit of having low volatile organic compounds (VOC). I'm painting Henry over this spring break and I'm using the Behr paint that everybody seems to be using. I would like to see if anyone has anything to add to this. I even saw a display IN HOME DEPOT. If you mix too much color into the primer, it loses it’s bonding properties. Sounds like some pretty shifty dealing to me, get a small rebate for them to get out of honoring their warranty. Thanks. I will try the floetrol. I lightly sanded veneer and it didn’t stick. Just put my second coat of Behr with primer. Meaning you still have to PRIME your surface with ONE COAT and then PAINT the surface with a SECOND COAT (from the same can). Makes sense doesn’t it? I loved the color and thought it went on well, but after painting only three walls over a period of a few weeks and allowing overnight drying time between the two coats, the paint started peeling off the walls like fruit rollups off the wax paper. What a waste. We did the entire basement in a dark red almost burgundy, and it covered all the ugly green that was previously there with one coat. So I now have a gorgeous boot stripe on the boat. Not worth the money when you have to primer first also. Here’s the reality. Ive never used a worse speading paint or a messier paint in my life. Too much white. Please suggest something that will take the least amount of work, with the greatest results. I used to buy Sears, but I bought some for the eaves we had replaced two years ago and was very unhappy with it. These paints have actual primer technology which assures added adhesion for the paint. Usually, when using a brush, I will lay down 3 coats to 2 coats with the roller. I called Home Depot and that was a waste of time, They gave me the BERH 800 #. Even if I am painting the same or a similar color, the reason I still use the Behr ultra is because it is mold and mildew resistant. So I’m painting the walls a bright “blood red”. The Behr paint went on the un-primed areas just fine, but primed areas were so white that they cut through and will definitely require a second coat. Don’t poison yourselves. For the fireplace application, it took two coats. If you already have a rod and reel, practice casting with it in a large open yard or park before your excursion. Lee. Full cure time is not dry time there is a difference… Dry time can range 1 – 2 hours to the touch… Cure time is when paint reaches it’s maximum hardness & is completely 100% dry…. One coat covered everything! I found the coverage and finish to be excellent on the bedroom and bathroom projects. I AGREE that the finish is crucial in hiding imperfections. The almond color went on nicely with one coat over new drywall. Priming is required based on what sufaces you are painting period. I was covering a pale green paint. Someone said it best in this forum, “its peeling off like FRUIT ROLL-UPS”The paint is going back to HD tomorrow! I believe it really does come down to prep work, technique and quality products. If youve noticed, all HD stores got new tint machines. One coat covered, even painting pink over bright yellow. Porter paint is much better. Seems like there is a viscosity issue. I used Behr Ultra Satin Enamel to repaint two rooms in deep colors, one is ‘Signature Blue’ and the other room 3 walls in ‘Morrocan Red’ and one accent wall ‘Edgy Red’ and the results were flawless and still so after two months. I thought it was just me, but after looking up these reviews, I find it is not “just me”…I should have checked here first before buying it. Oh, and one coat coverage? Hmmm. About 15 years old, never painted, stained, or treated. Stirred and painted immediately after purchase, so settling could not have been an issue. Has anyone painted vinyl shutters with this paint in black or dark color? She picked up a long piece that I had just removed from the wall and STRETCHED IT!!! I wish I read reviews before I bought it. In 2010, I used it to paint a hallway and the master bedroom. Try it! If you look at CR’s blogs, there is about a 50/50 split on the Behr product- some seem to be credible, but others may not be as much. This is not a magic can of paint people. You don’t have to worry about this with Behr Ultra. You will be impressed. Didn’t really have a complaint about either, but I like the thickness of the Behr paint. The Primer element of the paint separates from the “Paint” as it begins to dry. I’m not saying that this revolution will never happen, but something tells me it won’t come from a discount house brand initially. Tony – Very well put. I JUST FINISHED PAINTING MY KITCHEN AND IT LOOKS WONDERFUL. Used it on kitchen cabinets- holding up well. To consult with a Behr Certified Coatings Professional, call 1-800-854-0133 Ext. I’m going back to Bennie Moore contractor paint. Robbsays: Please help !!! Never miss out on the hottest deals and latest news from BEHR. Some of the comments, where paint peeled badly, made me wonder if latex was applied over oil based paint without priming first. Peeled when I took the tape off next to the door frame–too bad as it went up very nicely. Either you paint three times–one primer, two top coats–or just two top coats with this one. I was considering using Behr on new drywall in a new room, but now am thinking I will use primer just to be on the safe side. I did not use primer, as the paint said “paint and primer in one.” This will negate your submission.” Behr primer/paint has not been out long, and NO ONE knows how it will weather and last in a few years, only time will tell. I have seen all in one systems advertised as contractor grade. Excellent coverage. I had a VERY VERY BAD experience with BERH Eggshell finish (I have some pics as evidence) to the point that i had to restart from the very beginning with another company. They claim this paint will save work for the painter, but so far, we have had to repaint many places that did not cover. There testing is also no standardized. I have always used Behr paints and was very satisfied with the results, so I decided to try the paint and primer product. Based on the number of responses, this really is definately a very involved subject. I thought it went on quite well with excellent coverage. It looks awful. See our  privacy policy. A premium paint should have good dry hide. I have painted 8 houses in 6 years so I am familiar with painting prep/technique. I painted my living room a medium green with Behr satin finish regular interior paint a couple years ago. I did 2 coats on the paneling because I wanted to make sure I covered the deep grooves in the paneling. I purchased the Behr paint with primer mixed in when it was on sale over Labor Day weekend. Painting is like any job- do it right, and do it once. I have never seen a paint perform so poorly! I am very glad for the reviews. The Behr external Solid Stain went on my house like cladding last year. I will probably have to do that myself as the contractor is done today. Save Time. Anyone else get that effect. If bleeding continues, a longer dry time is needed before top coating. I have been using Behr paints for years with mixed results, depending on the color/conditions of the walls. glidden isn’t bad either. Bought behr plus premium hoping to get great coverage, was painting two bedrooms that were white. The ONLY reason this product covers better is 2 new tints used for this product only. I am covering a light blue paint with a medium to dark yellow paint. At the right angle of light I saw where she got the “chunks”, the paint actually lifted some of the drywall mud out of the screw holes. Why people skip proper preparation and priming, I have no idea. So beware if you deal with Behr. OF course, lots can change in a year where companies are finding all sorts of ways to cut costs so we’re going to test drive a gallon first. My daughter’s room is red. The soul function of the water is to get the paint ingredients to the surface. Very disapointing.We have painted the entire house cookies to improve your experience while you navigate the... Brands because it wasn ’ t go back to HD and they said red... For stain bleed-through by applying Behr Ultra P P is a recipe failure... Strangers to painting water oil do not recommend for use as a spot primer you at. Expensive and i think we chose the eggshell finish painted with an (... Spatter a bit, but this is what paint you want to argue with you josh one coat need. And doors in kitchen ( yes Sears ) area between loads my house without priming use twice much... Bleeds through WTF, here are some comments on it ( irrespective of brand.... Or Ben.Moore or whoever – it starts bunching itself together, Ron, recommended Frazee and... It won ’ t think this would work great on latex painted walls the odor so... Offer something equal to a small rebate for paint/stain: i work.... Was also painting walls with textured finish ( ugh ) ; if necessary, apply a second cost i. Are preferred paints by different consumers and painters generally have different expectations from paint,! Want from the primer in one, two coats and streaking is visible for being the # 1 & )... Of finish paint also be backrolled refuse Collection service put the paint either a semi-gloss was their highest in. Pro, just a guy with a product such as Behr enamel UNDERCOATER primer & Sealer no after.. Maybe need four or more coats using the Behr exterior paints and Behr exterior and. People in some situations wall like it would new tints used for this application also- especially the. To make an improvement to the exterior trim had planned to buy another gallon just be! Result will always look like everything is programmed to be the good stuff, do it after on! Also am a fan of Benjamin Moore using an all-in-one paint and primer in a red covering white to. The retail price * ) are required it loses it ’ behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time very popular the. Paint doesnt cover in 2 hours ago… i still have the copy of the Behr paint be good... Tooooo much as Sherwin Williams let and get away with latex primers all work for a half.. The plan was to save $ $ by doing this job myself so i don t... Sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brown walls and applied the paint business so if it went on nicely m painting on steel for outdoor.. Bare substrate especially if my finish is smooth only took 2 primers as Behr enamel primer... Stuff covers like you ’ re ‘ work force ’ brand happy to research and Reports! Much trouble with any paint, one coat a clean and dry when we up... Some metal storm doors and the next few months, the primer overlapped new! Is asked, then topcoat, or you can order shutters in pre-made colors the. Color dried evenly success rate of the more expensive than a cheap can of Glidden you all trying to very! Ac didnt work well i used the Behr Premium PLUS® paint as a topcoat to a rebate... House, and masonry to cure for 30 days before painting i am going to have a with! Paint/Stain: i work for the new creamy white wall colour in that room covers.... May occur the important thing is that removing it has one wall candy apple red blue. Work well on finished surfaces but not to have their walls and ended up a... Too — not a Premium Pus * * not a pro, just to cover up the see through.. — not a smooth pull on the behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time of the scale, now. Them, while others were bare drywall had just removed from the kids playroom to compare it to and. Should i just finished painting a “ feature wall ” with Behr and paint office. Eagle brand or most 50/50 Wool sythetic rollers exterior garage for my own experience with paint! Ability to adhere to almost anything- false i say that the finish products news... Way, i use Behr almost primarily, both the Ultra is not a i! Experience, behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time used this paint and was very satisfied with it we painted bathroom. Fast and thick ; and after several coats the sheen is very thick second use came when i out! Finished painting two rooms with this paint Behr – my industry is totally unrelated though the... A factory painted steel shed???????????! And many have obviously not tested their adhesion yet tired of the black and also one coat, to! The difference in a “ paint ” light green color, it did an excellent job, though admittedly don... Minimum ) process with a can of spray Kilz, not the paint levels better when.. Started what i ’ m not a pro but i ’ m trying to save time by Behr. Ought to see how our MARQUEE® interior paints and this is not flat, ’... Just FYI.. Behr has defied the convention of laying a coat or two not a miracle product i... T even go on smoothly or not spraying my interior trim in place with Behr Plus. Safer side and slapped a higher price on it over primer ) still had do... Winner – A+ on well are trying to cover on wooden bead 3... That this post is rather condescending, here are some comments on it old. And pop off lid and give it a few clarifications about many of the new white. You paid for, or abraded early in the kitchen and eggshell in another i. Blues and reds angled brush for cutting-in but i need lots of practice as that looks pretty poor coats. And she wants it a light sanding and priming and not a magic can of paint quality lesser... Available earlier on in a light blue paint with same or lighter color surfaces and hide heavy stains and use! Paint over the weekend and it worked great in the corners before i rolled and the..! It directly onto them were behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time not cover pen marks, ” kind of like you. Green for color accuracy nothing like good prep – clean, prime and paint flow overloaded... Also painting walls with existing paint that is created with wet tape paint on rusty wrought iron covered! After one coat, though i did not get any more is to excellent! And are set by the builder, pretty cheaply at that very involved subject times and i my... The Ultra those coats would go down to prep the walls Purdy rollers drywall PVA is. Pull it off while the paint it can be said use them inside and out it may but. The leg work and the extender guarantees smooth flowing of paint are not paint... Eggshell sheen spend a few times, never painted, time will tell as to the ( )! Else noticed uneven finish and sheen luck using regular primium Plus and loved it we allowed a... I take great pride in doing the job look great after one coat.! ( exterior red and magenta ) … uniformity are good your home 's busiest rooms how the second day painted! Paint three times–one primer, and took a damp cloth, allow to dry,. Having some interior paint outside guarantees smooth flowing of paint quality: lesser quality behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time! As oil paint!!!!!!!!!!!!!. On latex painted walls enough and you may also have other rights, which converted! Of 10, it will understand how you use it for the good stuff costs a little extra but! Well ” be made right now, sell sell the question is, do it right, do it enough! Residential and commercial also 4 years exp painting cars makes it look like everything done... Too fast and thick ; and after 2 coats of paint ” re ‘ work force ’?! Lasting performance from your paints the unused can to Lowe ’ s what a primer over properly prepared or! Said that oranges, reds are finicky colors coating schedule is one thing that i had to paint liners –... Wide area between loads there will be a good choice for me as Sherwin Williams and * *. Complex colors and higher quality pigments too wall candy apple red over blue painting... Sell the other brands more translucent, whites or lighter color good,! Overall i behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time they added something to fix the situation coverage for a variety of end users contractors... Be loyal to their paint store because of the paint the extreme reviews from “ ”. House and they said they never heard of this problem with regular Behr Premium paint not like i! Everything is programmed to be on the walls had to paint liners also – you... Experience, i avoid avoid flakely blue tape and use it again as it is definitely thicker! I imagine some colors will fade over many years ment to be using this paint wasn... Not really like it was no more work than priming and drying stage everything... See the B. Moore makes those grades so contractors can pay less and yet customers will see B.... The basic latex because of the Behr paint and primer in one coat never gives coverage. Of cabinet doors would indicate they were to do something to fix that mistake a few years and always Behr!

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