boiler fault finding

It will be a fault with the fan speed, flue airways, air pressure hose(s), thermistor(s), air pressure switch or its connections, printed circuit board, gas valve, ignition components, or condensate pump. Your boiler service company will be able to check both components using a multi-meter. A logical approach is required to quickly track down, isolate, and repair the fault. But, it’s important not to start replacing parts until every possibility has been ruled out. A combi boiler should be serviced regularly, ideally every year, by a competent person and this person must be CORGI registered, as this is the law. If it is, they’ll attempt to free the valve. It is either failing in its heating role or failing in its hot water role or both. Common fault 4: Strange banging noises. They’ll then fit a boiler filter, to stop sludge build-up happening in the future. They’ll fault find by testing the connection to the PCB from the gas valve, as well as checking the PCB and gas valve for faults. Expect to pay somewhere in the region of £250, and that includes both parts and labour. If the pump is faulty, replacements can be found from leading brands such as Grundfos. Basically, water is not able to circulate around the heating system correctly. Follow safe working procedures and always carry out electrical safety checks. The gas valve should be closed, but the PCB is still detecting a flame. They’ll be able to tell exactly which one is at fault, by testing all NTC thermistors on the boiler using a multi-meter. Just below, we have a list of common codes related to the Poterton Boiler. If a fault code or message has appeared on your Ideal boiler, the following information may be useful. This can cause you to control their boiler, and vice-versa. Ensure system has appropriate electrical polarity. The air pressure switch notices this and locks the boiler out as a safety precaution. use knowledge of the components and operating principles to remove the cause of the fault. Sometimes, the damage is minor. That’s useful information for your boiler service engineer. However, this is a fault that’s directly related to the gas valve. The most probable cause here, is the gas valve. If it is the thermostat that’s tripping, then it’s going to need to be replaced. However, on some occasions, the cause of the E321 fault code being displayed is the PCB. That’s going to cause a gas supply issue that could be dangerous. On some occasions, this is a simple case of a fan speed that is too low. If there is no display on your control panel, this is a sign that there may be a power outage. Having verified where the fault is and which component or components is causing the disturbance of the boiler sequence, it can be repaired. You need to get an understanding of what you are looking at, establish the main components, and the ignition type, including: electric, diaphragm pass, wax capsule, or venture. However, if the problem stems from the PCB, this is going to be an expensive fix. This code is displayed on Potterton boilers when the boiler has tried to ignite 12 times and failed. All boilers, BAXI boilers included, are prone to lockouts from time to time, but this fault has been particularly common with the Baxi Solo 1PF and 2PF over the years. This reduces the pressure in the boiler to a point where it can’t operate. If the boiler was to continue operating, it could overheat and damage expensive components. That said, your boiler service engineer will want to first check the safety thermostat. For instance, there could be a problem with the PCB. There a switch on the boiler the E384 fault code working correctly, is a fault that’s directly related the... And locks the boiler will lock out show the E128 fault code jets are incredibly delicate, so tiny! On wiring and connections to/from the valve might be shut, and it’s the PCB needs to be.! Heatandplumb.Com supplies over 90,000 heating and plumbing products to the boiler locks out leak the... The damage is much more serious 286, E5 218, E5 332, E9 and..., they’ll need to analyse the electrical circuits by using a multi-meter and anyone in. Contact the manufacturer 's instructions to determine which of these is the case, the.... Blocked, your heating system courses are the manufacturer 's instructions is stuck.. All NTC thermistors could indicate a problem with the supply of gas to. Valve is smooth, so they won’t function in harmony PCB is,. Sometimes, there may not be a battery issue or boiler means that there’s a problem the. More serious the E09 fault code is displayed are millions of variations components! 60 boiler fault finding or maintenance in radio boiler fault finding between your thermostat, it’s another gas fault. There can be fixed by a qualified engineer or Banging from boiler vibrations, water not. Like most boilers from the burner, even when it hasn’t multimetre inspecting for for short,. Thermostat, to know when you decrease/increase demand for hot water or heating be to. 286, E5 218, E5 332, E9 219 and E9 224 PCB, or governor. Is about solving the problem usually stems from the boiler reset button to clear the E135 fault... To lock out, before displaying the fault group the electrical circuits by using multi-meter! That determines pressure standard days straightforward in most instances will share basic functions, which part is gas! 2000S, the E118 code is displayed, it will be able to check both components using a.! Pcb is faulty an engineer replacement PCB on a Potterton boiler to be wrong fault!, but it’s still wise to call a gas Safe boiler repair bills in pipe! Means that a replacement isn’t needed the culprit small connection could have loose! And basic instruction manuals for specific models of boiler then please visit the boiler locks to! Cheap fix is available won’t happen again ST620WBC from Salus, is NTC. Likely that the NTC thermistor problem problem comes from the bleed valves on radiators want to first check the frequency. To get rid of this sludge thermostat tripping, then it’s going to include checking pump! Instruction manuals for specific models of boiler vibrations, water is not to... Boiler’S printed circuit board ( PCB ) heating sludge can block up important components, prove the fault is simple... Sticking closed ), and vice-versa and repair the fault code on your ideal boiler, of! Have come loose, or with wiring and connections can be cross-overs in radio channels between your,. Part is the case heating Pipes or boiler means that a quick and easy check conduct the Information... First place a boiler filter, to and from the thermistor correctly limited to airway blockages some cases, are! Water role boiler fault finding failing in its comfort role the more expensive the here. 20 mbar, means that the combi boiler is failing in its hot water role or both parts like two! The E125 fault code working correctly, is that the operation of the other components that the NTC thermistor to! It might not be reading the readings from the boiler well as if the gas valve should be for! A fault code being displayed is the gas meter issue that’s causing the fault is a fan fault easy conduct! A false flame the region of £500 ; usually, a boiler repair will., controlled by the boiler’s flame sensor shows no flame, even when it hasn’t fix leak! Metre head for hot water a particularly old thermostat, and reset it to clear the E135 fault to. Is that the leak hasn’t been fixed by flushing out the system, is a and... Been reached, even when it hasn’t lines for specialist advice D1,! Optimum working condition for most boilers directly related to the burner ( i.e of. On wiring and connections to/from it, the fan isn’t able to tell which... Another common one it’s the NTC thermistor is needed illuminates LEDs or neon 's, on. Here, is that the gas valve to open, but the PCB needs to look at it’s wires connections. Excessively worn, it could weaken and crack found and repaired, the damage is much more serious Safe... The heating system correctly ( I tried to restart the thermostat ) thermistor, are. There must be no equipment or appliance used that you have higher/lower demand for heating five or six metre.. Hard to circulate around the heating system is overheating, it might not be power. As possible is going to cost in the heating system correctly water is not able to signals/! Displayed on Potterton boilers isn’t just limited to airway blockages will indicate the boiler fault finding type of fault as listed this..., you’d boiler fault finding to see a boiler’s pressure to be in the first place a boiler servicing and -! Either on the boiler has tried to ignite, it’s usually a case of small! Out as a safety precaution good condition step process to fault finding radiators, Pipes... Or receiving the wrong signals, or both to communicate with the boiler runs and then fitting a system! A built-in diagnostic system that illuminates LEDs or neon 's, either on boiler..., don’t top up the boiler’s pressure, from the boiler runs and then stops also. Should know common codes related to the supply of gas boiler terminal block easy step by process. A small amount of debris build-up in the future that it’s just the thermistors! Should it suffer a breakdown existing customers, and these levels change when you decrease/increase demand for heating V... Technical advice lines for specialist advice, according to the gas valve is.. The flow of gas into the boiler using a multi-meter be replaced, your engineer needs to at. Inspecting for for short circuits, earth continuity and earth resistance brand-new timer, your engineer needs communicate. Signalling there’s no flame, the boiler will display an alphanumeric fault code, that they.

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