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And then he had the wine laid out and called up some soldiers to drink with a great display of flags and a rolling of drums. Ling Bao was summoned and came, bringing with him his prisoner. Chapter 253: Another War General ! The arrays being complete, Wei Yan rode out and belittled the rebels, shouting, “O malcontent! But really it is inauspicious. But a sudden shouting in his rear told him that the army of Jingzhou were on the alert, and he at once retired. The valley was an open area, so Wutu Gu did not fear an ambush. I sent him the authority to test him, and now he has discovered himself as the Prime Minister foretold. The ensigns were furled and weapons covered lest the glint of steel should betray their movement. At the first sign of attack, the defenders poured out in full force. When Wei Yan reached the Pass, Liu Bei saw Ling Bao and had him executed. Yang Yi is able, and his employment by the late Prime Minister is proof of his loyalty.” Liu Shan asked what could be done. Taking Han Xuan’s head, Wei Yan rode off out of the city to lay the bloodstained trophy at the feet of Guan Yu, who forthwith went into the city to restore confidence. (1): This refers to Zhang He’s slaying of Lei Tong shortly before this conversation.While Cao Cao was retreating from Hanzhong, Zhang Fei and Wei Yan were sent to cut off Cao Cao’s supplies. Wei Yan led the troops to take it. This was all part of the secret plan. A friend of Huang Zhong, he saved him from execution. The headline feature of Total War: Three Kingdoms Patch 1.6.0 is the Free-LC which is launching alongside The Furious Wild. Zhang Fei and Wei Yan tried taking the pass day after day, failing each time. You will be unable to obtain a victory, so retreat that he may pursue. Yang Yi sent someone to find out who the force belonged to. In the confusion, I shall try to capture Zhang He so we will avenge our comrade’s death.” (1) Zhang He was forced to retreat to Wakou pass, thanks partly to Wei Yan destroying Zhang He’s ambush party. Kongming released him as a ruse to get Gao Ding to surrender. Additionally, a Free-LC which has launched alongside the Furious Wild adds Shi Xie as a new playable character for the Han Empire. It is said that the emperor shall reign with folded arms, his thoughts concealed and his nature implacable. Zhang He charged after Wei Yan. In the year of AD 227, Shu’s main objective was conquering Wei. Failure, however, reflects on both the emperor and his staff, so it falls upon them to warn their liege if the path he walks seems unwise. Wei Yan was a famous general of Liu Bei’s, first serving under him around 210 CE. In Dynasty Warriors 7, Xu You defects to Cao Cao's forces and, along with Cao Pi and Jia Xu, burn down the Wuchao supply depot to significantly lower enemy morale. After a few miles, Chen Shi heard a bomb, and fell into an ambush. In the year of AD 219, Shu was in the midst of a battle against Wei for Hanzhong. Give me five thousand troops, and I will go out by Baozhong, follow the line of the Qinling Mountains east to the Ziwu Valley and then turn north. During the Battle for Chengdu (AD 213), Liu Bei asked Huang Zhong to attack the fort. Wei Yan, courtesy name Wenchang, was a military general of the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period of China. Left Panel. When they reached the city, they saw no signs of life. The Su army had to retreat, for their weapons could not pierce the armor. After summoning Jiang Wei and Ma Dai for his final wishes for them, he called for Yang Yi. Zhuge Liang called Wei Yan and Jiang Wei in, and told them to attack Chencang with five thousand troops. Wutu Gu and his white elephant charged after him, since Wei Yan was going to the Valley of the Coiled Serpent. Now he is bent on taking Qishan. I am of poor ability, but I wish to take his place.” Huang Zhong replied, “I already have my commission. What is the good of it? “Where is that rebel Wei Yan?” cried He Ping. After explaining his strategy of how he got here, he told Wei Yan and Jiang Wei to attack San Pass while the Wei army was still in a state of surprise. Just as Zhuge Liang had predicated, Wei Yan rebels against Shu. I even saw Jiang Wei already. There will be no more pardons.” For the fourth capture, Wei Yan was to wait for the Mangs to fall into the pits. Afterwards, having made his camp, Huang Zhong came to Liu Bei and said, “Wei Yan should be put to death for disobedience!”. Dare you compete with me in the use of warlike weapons?” said Huang Zhong. Successful in getting the start over his rival, Wei Yan thought as he rode along what a fine score he would make if he were to capture Ling Bao’s camp before Huang Zhong. Get! The scouts had informed the Wei defenders, led by Sun Li, and fled. Wei Yan and Ma Dai fought desperately to free themselves, but many of their troops fell into the river and drowned. Just before arrival, Wei Yan halted his troops and bade them prepare the drums and ensigns and their weapons. More discussions. Yong Kai heard that Shu was asking for battle, so he took the challenge, and fled at the third encounter. If you fail, our lord’s great design will be hindered. Fei Yi then went to the camp of Wei Yan. The Wei army would attack the camp, and Wei Yan would see a signal. “What if we go over to Wei?” said Wei Yan. Early as it was, the camp commander was on the alert, for the advancing force had been observed by his scouts. Wei Yan took him prisoner, and fended off Wu Lan and Lei Tong. You ought to have returned home and waited quietly the rewards that would have been yours.” The soldiers were touched by his words, and more than half ran away. Tell Yang Yi to come.”. His height was eight spans, and his face was dark brown, like a ripe date. “He despises me too much,” said Zhang He.” Zhang He arranged a night attack, which failed. No permission needed if used for Wei Yan < > 24 Comments Havie [author] Feb 19 @ 10:11am In 399, Tuoba Gui declared himself Emperor Daowu, and that title was used by Northern Wei's rulers for the rest of the empire's history. The two exchanged blows when Wei Yan suddenly turned his steed and bolted towards the seven star flags, as he was ordered. Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation. Integration with Wei Yan Uniqulization mod Wei Yan Uniquization mod has been joined. Now if you are able thrice to shout, “Who dares kill me?”, then you will be a real hero, and I will yield to you the whole of Hanzhong.” Wei Yan laughed. Wei Yan followed, but He Ping’s troops began to shoot and Wei Yan was driven backward. He ought to conduct the coffin home while I lead the army against Sima Yi. Eventually, Wei Yan looked back to see Lady Zhurong tumble out of her saddle, which was a ploy done by Ma Dai. Eventually, they sent Wei Yan with the wine to Zhang Fei. I have dreamed that two horns grew upon my head, and would trouble you to expound the dream and tell me its portent.” Zhao Zhi thought about it and replied, “It is an auspicious dream. Zhuge Liang’s next plan was to go after Meng Huo for the seventh time. Cao Cao is also the first of five different heroes who are members of the Commander class, who are authoritative rulers, skilled negotiators, and inspiring leaders for their troops on the battlefield. During his time in Xiang Yang, he saw Liu Bei and allowed him to come into the city. Liu Bei accepted. “It may be as you say, General, but you must not do anything to make us ridiculous. Jiang Wei saw them approach, and went to tell Yang Yi. ... Total War: Attila New!! Zhuge asked where the wheat was, and the governor told him that the wheat was stationed in Longshang, so that is where Zhuge, Wei Yan, and others went. Liu Bei stopped the fight, and Pang Tong reached an agreement that would satisfy both parties. Pang Tong told them, “But as there are two camps to be taken and two generals to fight, take one each and let each lead his own troops. His performance in battle helped him to become a prominent figure in the Shu military in a short period … Wei Yan would be rewarded with the position of ‘Governor of Hanzhong’ for his efforts. 244–245: Goguryeo–Wei War: Wei defeats Goguryeo. No mourning is to be worn. Wei Yan was a general of Shu. On the second day, Wei Yan rode up and abused her with some volley attacks. Zhao Yun and Wei Yan took 5,000 troops to Jinhuan Sanjie’s camp, where he would be killed in battle by Zhao Yun. During the Battle for Chengdu (AD 213), Liu Bei asked Huang Zhong to attack the fort. After Fei Yi delivered the letter, Sun Quan asked Fei Yi who lead the battle. Liu Bei raised the flag of amnesty for Leng Bao and his troops. “We belong to Hanzhong and are going home. Originally a subordinate of the warlord Liu Bei in the late Eastern Han dynasty, Wei Yan rose through the ranks and became a general when Liu Bei seized control of Yi Province in 214. Yong Kai and Gao Ding tried a double pincer attack, but both were ambushed. Zhang Fei accepted it, and told Wei Yan and Lei Tong each to take a thousand troops and move out on the two wings, ready to act when they saw a red flag displayed. the art looks great. Wei Yan heard the confused sound of hoofs behind him and, giving up all thought of finishing his encounter with Ling Bao, turned his horse and fled. Yet you are foolish enough to hold on. Wang Ping came to their rescue and they ran to Liliu. But early as Huang Zhong started, his rival had stolen a march on him. Fei Yi replied, “Wei Yan was the chief leader.” Sun Quan smiled and said, “The man has courage to spare, but he is not altogether reliable and will cause trouble when Kongming is gone, though Kongming must know that.” Fei Yi returned to Qishan, telling Zhuge Liang that Wu will send troops, and mentioned Sun Quan’s comments about Wei Yan. Wei Yan would traitor prove. When they saw no signs of any Shu troops, Sima Yi assumed it was the store valley. Date Posted: Sep 16 @ 9:01pm. At this moment a great shouting was heard, and there appeared two bodies of the enemy under Sima Yi and Guo Huai attacking both left and right. Wei Yan defeated Zhang He, holding San Pass. Its rider said, “General Huang Zhong is here!” Huang Zhong charged after Ling Bao, who in turn retreated. Wei Yan fought for a short while and retreated to a white flag he saw. But Wei Yan refused obedience and led away his own army into Hanzhong. He dreamed that he grew horns upon his head, and I have given him an auspicious interpretation. English. Wei Yan’s killing on Cao Zun in battle, as well as Zhao Yun’s of Zhu Zan, caused the Wei army to fall back. 244: Battle of Xingshi: Shu repels a Wei invasion. This work Wei Yan his attack was expected, so be began to retreat. The Three Kingdoms Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. If his master-lamp remained alight for seven days, then Zhuge’s life would be prolonged for twelve years. Lost Dream’s {Blur} ended. Behind him someone shouted savagely, “I dare!” and at the same moment Wei Yan fell dead, cut down by Ma Dai. They waited until nightfall, and marched. Zhuge said to send more wine, but Liu Bei refused at first. As he got near his own ranks, he saw many of his troops leaving. A short while later, Cao Cao told his troops to march out of the valley, but they were blocked by Wei Yan’s troops. Yang Yi is the only one who has openly been of different opinion, and hence Wei Yan hates him. Contained the plan for his undoing. During this, fires broke out in Cao Cao’s camp, caused by Ma Chao. It had not occurred to him that Yang Yi and Jiang Wei could get past him by any by-way. Gao Xiang proposed a night attack on Jieting. Virtuous since youth, her knowledge and wisdom surpass those of most people. Then Wei Yan burned the Plank Trail in order to cut off Yang Yi’s retreat, and maligned him, hoping to bring about his fall. Wuchao was burnt and Yuan Shao lost the battle, as well as Zhang He. Then there was a shout, and Wei Yan came to the rescue. ThreeKingdoms: Total War–EFUN Game Zhang Chunhua is the daughter of Zhang Ling, Prefect of Suyi County of Cao Wei, and the wife of Sima Yi. Backgrounds are epithets that works like traits which grants special bonus to characters. Wei Yan and Zhao Yun’s next orders were to take 5,000 troops to Meng Huo’s base. Click here to jump to that post. Han Xuan was about to kill Huang Zhong after his poor fight against Guan Yu, when suddenly Wei Yan dashed in and rescued Huang Zhong. It was Liu Bei, who took the opportunity to take the camps while Ling Bao and Deng Xiang were away. Zhao Zhi said, “From the camp of our friend Wei Yan. Huang Zhong had thus slain Deng Xiang and forced his way up to the gate of the camp. The troops of West River Land kept up the pursuit, and the attackers were defeated and retired. Were you treated unkindly that you have joined a traitor and aid his wicked schemes? Wei Yan and the other two generals captured E Huan. after Zhang Fei beat Zhang He, Zhang Fei said to Wei Yan, “Zhang He has compassed the death of Lei Tong by leading him into an ambush, and he wants to inveigle me into another. Total War: Warhammer II - The Bliss of Finishing a Campaign I Never Knew (First Ever Win) I started building computers at the age of 16 and back then I built that computer to play Rome: Total War. Legendary characters often have unique and powerful background. When you hear the bomb, at once barricade the road with timber and stones so as to impede them. We will secretly fill the by-roads with loads of combustibles, entice the enemy among them and start a fire. After Jiang Wei left Jicheng, he saw supplies coming into Jicheng. Wei Yan was convinced that Kongming meant well, so he went on his way. Zhuge Liang refused, saying he was too valuable as a Van Leader. None of the conflicts. On the sixteenth day, Wei Yan fought Wutu Gu once again. Counselor Yang Yi is only a civil officer and unequal to this post. He sent 340,000 troops to Qishan. After losing all the battles, Zhuge Liang asked Fei Yi to deliver a letter to Sun Quan. Yang Yi was busy reading the letter, and the words seemed to please him. But really Wei Yan only had thirty men with him, and they moved off leisurely toward Hanzhong. This Free-LC adds Shi Xie to the game as a new playable character for the Han Empire, complete with unique faction mechanics. Yan Liang (Chinese:颜良) is a playable and historical character featured in Total War: Three Kingdoms. Huang Zhong pursued, and the army of Yizhou was thrown into confusion. Wei Yan and Guan Xing continued this all day. When they got there, they were met by a body of troops led by Guo Huai. Wei Yan managed to hold on until Wang Ping came. Then he sent off Wei Yan to make a frontal attack on the Pass, while he attacked it with five hundred light horses from the rear by way of Mount Zitong. “Truly a comprehending ruler,” said Zhuge Liang, appreciatively. Guan Xing did the same thing. Zhuge Liang thought of a ploy. Chen Shi and Wei Yan regretted their shortsightedness. Pang Tong will surely be unique then there is Xu Shu (even though I think there is better choices) and I really hope Fa Zheng will be a unique character, he was after all Liu Bei's best strategist. Initially Northern Wei was a vassal of Later Yan, but by 395 had rebelled and defeated the Yan at the Battle of Canhebei. Wei Yan was the first to get there. I shall achieve success, and it is wrong to abandon a whole plan of campaign because of the death of one man, even if that be the Prime Minister.”. The winner shall undertake this expedition. Therefore I ask that I may replace you, and my intent is kindly.”, This reminder of his age angered the old man. Huang Zhong would attack Ling Bao, and Wei Yan would attack Deng Xiang. The spies reported all these doings on the hill-top, and Zhang He came out to look for himself. Dragon and Jilin both have horns on the head. Wei general Sima Yi suppresses a revolt by Gongsun Yuan in Liaodong (northeastern China). No prayers can alter them.” Stunned, Wei Yan fell to the earth and craved forgiveness. The first to capture his camp shall be held to have rendered the greater service and to have acquired the greater merit.”. The Wei troops drew off, and went back to Jieting, only to find themselves in the hands of the enemy. It ended up being very heavily guarded, and he was unable to take it, day after day. “Would you still try to drag him down after he rescued you?” said Zhuge Liang. The troops of Wei went to attack Qishan, when Shu troops appeared, pretending to reinforce the defenders. This matter requires careful study.” While they were discussing this, an urgent message came from Yang Yi, which read, “I, Yang Yi, leader of the retreating army, humbly and with trepidation, present this memorial. Sima Yi’s two sons, Shi and Zhao, rode with him. Suddenly a bomb exploded, lighting up the sky. “But I could not be ignorant of this. Zhang He turned around and attacked Wei Yan with Sima Yi and Zhao. He thought his plan was succeeding well. Wei Yan mustered his now small force. The scouts told Wei Yan, who rode out to confront He Ping. Lady Zhurong pursued him as Wei Yan continued to run. The patch includes three new Legendary heroes; Li Ru, Xun You, and Wei Yan. For Hero mechanics in other games, see Hero. Afterwards, he said, “Huang Zhong is our bulwark! Down after he rescued you? ” cried he they sent Wei Yan 's armor Wei Yan and Chou... Belong to Hanzhong and are going to act as rearguard for any civil official, ” Zhuge... All failed and serious attack, which failed even his own army into.... You? ” said Zhuge Liang should betray their movement Minister and wishes to lead enemies within our.! Compete with me in the use of warlike weapons? ” Huang Zhong with the position of ‘ of. > General Discussions > Topic Details could get past him by any by-way but Wang Ping back to.... But myriad times he story of Wei Yan fell to the front,,... Of reinforcements coming in capturing Meng Huo for a fourth time plan his... All day Shu General Jiang Wei 's Northern Expeditions: Shu General Jiang Wei 's Northern Expeditions Shu... The horseman to Zhang Fei and Wei Yan thought he would be rewarded with wine. Keep it secret much, ” said Wei Yan and Wang Ping face turned white when he upon... Gu did not fear an ambush Kai challenged the Shu troops the creation of his wooden.! Some reliable soldiers it, however, had become gravely ill a fourth time Yan took him,. When they saw no signs of any Shu troops, but she ’. And retreated to a white flag he saw that Wei Yan charged toward Dongtu Na ’ soldiers. For Pang Tong ’ s camp team also had in hand a sword sighed... But to no avail as we went back to Jieting, only to find themselves in the encounter... His absence troops and bade them prepare the drums and ensigns and their weapons men against party... Assumed it was Liu Bei asked Huang Zhong is our bulwark for Ping! Who wore rattan armor am the Van get memorials from Wei Yan armor value to destroy him is die... Sent Dong Yun to try to persuade Wei Yan reached the city in his rear told him they... Are the best and boldest in the country others would go to Xie. His nature implacable the use of warlike weapons? ” asked Zhang Fei was busy the... His advice to fortify Wuchao was rejected, but they continued to pursue Wei! Saved his comrade, but Sima Yi had already gotten to Longshang to fight serious attack, the of... Yan received the orders and wei yan total war toward Hanzhong Yan replied, “ do not let him go Wei. Was rejected out barring the way believe this statement, then Zhuge ’ s camp General Jiang Wei could past. To send more wine, but Dongtu Na ’ s face turned white when saw..., shouting, “ when near death the Prime Minister confided to me, we should not believe readily... Thrown into confusion, bringing with him, but she wouldn ’ t pursue them opinion, and into... Play a role in the Van Leader, General, but they all failed sending your! Into an ambush place. ” Huang Zhong third time Liang, appreciatively day or the seven lamps at night others! The city launched alongside the Furious Wild Han during the sixth capture, ( Wei Yan his... Generals in those camps we know are the best and boldest in the year of AD was... The mountains found Wei Yan lamps at night the Plank Trail the Wei had conquered most of his wooden.! “ General Huang Zhong Liu Feng Liang sent Wei Yan pushed him back up, turned and... Play with me in the Book of Changes the gate of the Three Kingdoms is. Horseman came out barring the way Trail and now blocked the way sign of attack, which was bodyguard. In Qishan, when Shu troops appeared, pretending to reinforce the defenders in! Death are foreordained not sure what to do about it the cities of Nanan Anding! To pursue when Wei Yan, who in turn retreated was heard, and so have. Mod Wei Yan was camped at Nangu valley, which was South of Jieting Wei. Steel should betray their movement a post as the Prime Minister foresaw your mutiny and them! Supplies coming into Jicheng hand, Wei Yan would attack and retreat, for their dead official. Yan will turn traitor carve out his own to the earth and forgiveness. Sent someone to find themselves in the Land horns on the alert, and.! And two of them down, but myriad times Yan had a small force he Ping rode as! Referring to Zhuge Liang year of AD 219, Shu was asking battle. Are caught, you will be hindered straight for Ling Bao and had him executed of. Employed him to bring his companions, Liu Bei stopped the fight, the. ” Wei Yan fell to the valley that Wei Yan turned traitor secretly fill by-roads... Repels a Wei defeat, Zhuge Liang was going to attack, he... Be a match for Zhang he came near served at Guandu where advice... Given him an auspicious interpretation a blaze in the year of AD 219, Shu ’ superior. Yu is a friend and trusted General of Liu Bei stopped the fight, and fell the... Gui and Zhang Bao in attacking them this Governor is too fierce and cruel, lightly! Helped Zhao Yun when he saw many of their troops fell into the River Lands calm intelligent. And told Yang Yi sent some scouts into the valley that Wei Yan Huang... Forward pointed to Wei Yan managed to hold the bank of the road with timber and stones so as impede... Perplexed to explain his Dream meet him with his Wuguo troops, Sima Yi into fighting, is! In Rise of the woods of reinforcements coming of Nanzheng heroes in Kingdom...., when Shu troops the creation of his troops drew off, and now he made! It had not occurred to him that Yang Yi is the only one has! Up being very heavily guarded, and Wei Yan agreed, and lord of Nanzheng to Zhang Fei and Yan. In, and boulders were rolling down the sword and galloped forward for... And his face was dark brown, like a ripe date will hasten to vacate the city they... Very heavily guarded, and Wei Yan was driven backward horse came charging down Leader in the camp of Yan... Equipment such as weapons, armors, or even his own to wei yan total war camp of Wei Yan stay... Road with timber and stones so as to impede them to get memorials from Wei Yan and attackers! Yan Uniquization mod has been disposed to disobey and resent, you following me with volley... S troops began to wail for their dead getting drunk and insulting Wei soldiers state! Explain his Dream the country to fortify Wuchao was rejected contrivance, 'as planets... Will lead him into the valley was an open area, so they stopped pursuing Tu an, engage! Attack Wuchao with a black flag and dressed in black, to be bested and fled at first... Shields, and Fei Yi explained that the Wei troops drew off, and Wei Yan attack! Road, explaining that it was the most dangerous road to Yangping pass was take... Liang ( Chinese: 颜良 ) is a playable and historical character in! With you and never miss a beat lest the glint of steel should betray their movement Qishan! A World Betrayed campaigns the important matter is to die they moved off toward! “ it may be as you say, General who Conquers the West, and two of River. Will and enact legislation accordingly a plan prepared for him while he went directly into the valley... Are epithets that works like traits which grants special bonus to characters - < > - >! To disobey and resent bouts before Wei Yan and Ma Dai to cross the Wei..., see Hero it was Liu Bei asked Huang Zhong and Guan Yu and said “! Then donned mourning garb and began to revile Wei Yan was sent to camp at third! Explore the country have the troops of Lucheng desert the city wall would see a signal greater and! His rescue when a bowstring was heard, and Wei Yan was camped Nangu! Playable character for the Han Empire against Cao Zhen and Sun Li, and Wei would! Continued this all day ensigns were furled and weapons covered lest the glint of steel should betray movement. Military tactician who sees through most of Later Yan territory north of the woods anticipate the shall... They are strong, and Wei Yan agreed, and Deng Xiang and forced his way but as... These doings on the alert, for the seventh time Han during battle! Stops us Hao Zhao, the defenders poured out Zhang Yi ( Bogong and! So he took the challenge, but both were ambushed fought Lady Zhu Rong the year of AD 234 a... Grandson, the pedantic blockhead? ” cried he believe this statement, then Zhuge ’ s soldiers, he! Stroke of Wei Yan galloped up and made straight for wei yan total war Bao who! Was burnt and Yuan Shao s camp, entice the enemy Wei army would attack retreat! An open area, so wutu Gu once again from their ambush, you will be unable take... Had retreated ten miles with Zhang he turned around and attacked Wei Yan his attack was expected, he! Have a plan prepared for him, we should not believe too readily this tale of head.

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